Should School Be Online?

Going to school has been one of the biggest complaints from teens and children for decades. There have been so many arguments to try and compromise for their wants. Starting school later, having shorter days, and even having a shorter school year. Granted these could be put into action, but would it be easier to just have an online course?

Going chronically online has many pros and cons. Some advantages to this would be, being able to go at your own pace. Many students struggle to keep up with some of the students in class, but if they weren’t to be compared to other students, many would feel more comfortable and open with their own school work. A lot of students can’t keep up with the teacher. Everybody learns differently and at their own pace, so being able to control how much you do could also be good, obviously requirements would still have to be met. A disadvantage would be that, with an online course, there is no emotion put in with the grading. No later deadlines, everything must be done on time, and there would be no partial credit.

I personally wouldn’t want to go online. Many would argue that you get more sleep, and would have better learning opportunities being able to take your time, but I like socializing. I prefer having a connection with my teachers and peers. 


Would you want to go to school online?

What would your biggest complaint be?

Do you think it would be worth it?

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  • No I wouldn't want to go to school online because I would miss seeing everyone in person. My biggest complaint with having school online would be it is bad for your brain to constaintly be on the computer for hours at a time. I think some things about being online would be nice but some things wouldn't so I don't know if it would be worth it. 

    • I agree, when I'm on my phone for too long, I get really bad headaches and I can't even imagine being forced to be online for a minimum amount of hours.

  • Personally, I would not like to go online because I feel like I would not understand concepts as well as I would if it was in person. I also think that I would be easily distracted by my phone. During covid when we had online classes I was hesitant to even show up and I didnt even do most of the assignments.

    • I agree with you, not being able to get undivided attention I feel that I and some other students need, it would really show in the students' grades.

  • I would not want to go to online school. A big part of school is the social aspect as well. During Covid, it felt very isolating doing online school. I missed the human interaction. If I did school online, I would have a hard time not seeing people every day. Also, I feel like I learn better in person rather than online.

    • I agree with you, during covid I'm sure all of us went through a lot, not being able to see anybody, it was rough, and I wouldn't want to try and go through that again.

  • I myself would not like to go online. I feel like you would learn much better in person than online. In person you are more involved and have more opportunities. I would think that by going online, there would be many people that would just choose not to do their work. It would be much easier for them to not do anything online than in person. 

    • I agree with you because this is exactly what I would do, I wouldn't do my work and even if I tried I wouldn't be able to focus.

  • I don’t think that online school is the best idea for me personally. In 2020 when covid first started I had a very hard time staying on top of my work and keeping up with my grades and my peers. Now don’t get me wrong some people would most definitely prefer to go to school online it just works for them and they are able to stay on top of their work. I think that the hardest part of doing school online is a lot of the videos that the teachers made to help their students learn were very hard to understand and made the homework harder to do. If we go online it won’t be worth it for a lot of people. An online school could make it harder for people who don’t have a very good structure at home.

    • I agree with you, some people are the exact opposite, and have an easier time concentrating on online school, but my house is very chaotic and distracting, it just didn't work for me.

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