Should Photoshop be banned?

Photoshop is an app that can alter photos so that you can make them look just how you want them to. Most advertisements and influencers usually use photoshop to make their pictures look even better in hopes that it will bring them more customers or followers. Unfortunately, sometimes this has a negative impact on people, so should photoshop be banned?


Photoshop is used to make any imperfections in your picture perfect. But then that altered photo is passed off as the real thing without many people even noticing. For example, if a company photoshops the model to have smoother skin, it might make someone feel insecure about themselves. About 99.9% of photos seen online have been photoshopped in some way. That means that most of these pictures are not the real copy, and there are more perfect photos that people might compare themselves to. 


Although photoshop can have a negative effect on people, it can also be positive. It allows artists to be more creative. Photoshop isn’t always used to create unrealistic standards, many times it is used to make a more unique design. This can bring joy to artists and might even bring in more customers for businesses.  Without Photoshop, it would be more difficult to make a beautiful, unique picture. Sometimes it can be used as a tool for an artist or photographer. 


Photoshop can be both good and bad. I think it's good that it can make images more creative and beautiful, but I don’t think it's necessary to alter the way people look. Photoshop is just an app and it's the person using it that can cast it in a negative or positive light. I also hope people realize that not every picture they see is real, I think that could help too. 


Have you ever used photoshop? 


Do you think it should be banned? 



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  • No, I have never used photo shop but I also dont think it should be banned. Because many famous people use it and they would never stop becasue they dont people to see what the actuallly look like. I think they should bann it for a short period of time jsut so you can see how fake everyone is.

    • I agree, I think celebrities use it a lot, but I don't think it should be banned

  • I have never used Photoshop but I don't think it should get banned. Not everyone that uses Photoshop for their faces, bodies, etc. Some people use it in order to show their creativity like photographers and artists. Theres many good froms of photoshop but there are a few down sides when people just use it to show unrealistic standards. 

  • i have used photoshop before it it usefull at times but i also think some people can go overboard with photoshop and they end up using it in a bad way, but as long as people know how to use it its great.

  • I have used photoshop before and I like it. It makes the edition joib of a photograph way easier. I think it can be used in a good way but also in a bad one. Photoshop can lead to a lot of fake news and lies about famous people and end up causing problems. I don't think it should be banned but I think it should be only allowed to use in the correct way.

  • I have no experience with ever using photoshop. I don’t think photoshop is bad when it is used to improve the quality of photos or to edit pictures in a certain way. However, when people use it to alter their appearance or to hide their insecurities is when it becomes an issue. 

    • I agree, I don't think people should alter their appearence with photoshop

  • I have personally never used photoshop, but I think it should be banned. So many people use it, and it gives others a false sense of reality. They look at these photos and they want to be like them, but these photos have been edited to make it unreal and make them look better than people who have actually worked for it.

  • I think photoshop is a staple for many art forms. I have seen how photographers use Photoshop to aid their photos and it is really interesting and takes a lot of expertise. However, I think it is extremely dangerous when a person's appearance is edited. It is not only misleading to consumers but ruins people's self-esteem.

  • I have never used photoshop and probably never will. I dont think it should be banned because of how artist can use them for their painting or pictures. I feel like if they banned photoshop most celeberties whould loose their jobs. 

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