Should kids be able to pick classes?

           Though kids do not like school, should they be able to pick their own classes? There is a lot of controversy if kids pick their own classes they will like school way better and it will set them in the right way with what they wanna do after school. Also it is stated it lets kids have some steam off, they say start with small activities. Then move up to what they wanna do. Most kids want to go to college not into the work force right away, but if they offer classes that are in college most people will not want to go to college because they have already did it in highschool. People think that math is useless in highschool because you will never learn it in life, that is why people wanna pick the classes they want to do after highschool.




          A lot of people say that if school changed which they can pick there own classes many people would be happy. Also kids would have more responsibility and freedom. Also it leads students to want what they wanna do, if they don't wanna do that subject they can change to try something else before getting college. I also think that it could screw up some college places because no kids will wanna go to college because they have already did it in highschool. The school we have right now is also stressing kids out because they feel there is no point to Science,English,Math,etc.


        I personally think we should be able to pick classes we want to take because I will need that after school.,students%20are%20involved%20and%20engaged.

Do you think we should pick our own classes?


Do you think colleges would lose money?


Should the government make a change?


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  • I do think that we should pick some of our own classes, but there probably should be a set of core classes (English, math, science, social studies) so everybody has a basic education that will help in any path you choose to follow in your life. I don't think colleges will lose money because we are already doing this.

  • I think we should be able to pick our classes because it would make us happier and probably do better in the classes we want to do so we can get better grades and then I just think it would be better because you can't take some classes until your older which I think is dumb.

  • I think we should be able to pick our own classes. Becuase im in some classes that I know I will never use in my life. It causes me to not try and fail the class becasue I know i wont use it. I dont think colleges would lose moeny becasue college professors know more then highschool teachers.

  • In my personal opinion, I think that there should most definitely be a number of core classes that you must pass in order to graduate high school. But, I do think once you finish those classes you should be able to have a little more freedom with what classes you choose to take. You should be able to choose classes that will help you later in life in your career.

  • I think there should be standards for high school education, but people would benefit from more variety in their courses. I do not think colleges would lose any money. People go to college almost solely for a degree, and less so for the coursework.

  • Yes, I personally think that we should be able to pick our own classes. However, I think the older you are in high school the more freedom you receive to pick your classes and have more choices to pick from. These classes that we choose to take can help us decide what we want to do after high school. 

  • I think that if the person knows what they want to do I think that they should be able to pick there classes so they dont have to classes that would not benifit them in the career. I also think that the government should not require people to take classes they dont want to take.

  • I don't think we should be able to, too an extent. Which is kind of what we have anyways. You wouldn't know what you want to do if you didn't take these classes. Like scientists never would have been interested in that unless they took a class for it. I think colleges would lose money because you don't want to lower the requirements but so many students wouldn't be reaching this if they weren't forced to take these classes in high school.

  • I think that we should be able to pick classes we already do and this makes us be with our friends and do things in our interests I believe that we also need to pick our classes for college and we will also have our core classes. collages would get more money bc you would have to make up your classes.

  • Yes, I think kids should be able to pick their own classes and not have to take so many that aren't necessary. I think math and science are important but only certain things in it. Teachers waste their time teaching useless stuff sometimes or giving us  busy work when we could be doing hands on learning.

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