Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, has just recently shared his thoughts on the major topic of climate change. Most people know that this is one of The Biden Administration's main focuses. Elon Musk agrees with them as far as the fact that Climate Change is real and that we need to do something about it. However, he does not want to go about it the same way. 

Many people who live in urban areas believe that farming is a main cause of Climate change. They think that the fertilizer we use harms the environment. They also believe that livestock is releasing a high amount of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. These may be partially true, but Elon Musk does not think that eliminating these problems is the right way to get rid of climate change.

Elon Musk is the founder of Tesla. He started this business to get more electric cars on the road. His idea behind this was that electric cars do not release harmful gases into the atmosphere. Elon Musk thinks that this is one way to help reduce climate change without hurting the farmers.

Personally, I do not think that the electric cars will make climate change any better. They cause many more bad gases to be released in the making and disposing of the batteries for these cars. However, I do appreciate Elon Musk sticking up for the farmers. He realizes that if the farming industry gets restrictions, the country will very likely run out of food. 


Do you believe in Climate Change?


Is putting farmers out of work the right way to fix Climate Change?




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  • I don't think that electric cars will solve all of the worlds climate problems, but it could help. There are many reasons that cause the warming of the Earth, some of them are just natural like when you look back at the history. I don't think farming is the reasons the earth is getting warmer, it could possibly be a factor with it's machinery and such, but its not the one and only reason.

  • I don't believe in climate change because the Earth goes through temperature changes. If you look back through the recorded history of the Earth, yes it is slowly rising, but there are many periods of time where Earth was covered in ice. Putting farmers out of work is definitely the wrong thing to do in order to fix climate change. There is no way that the world would have enough food to eat without farmers.

    • I agree that the earth goes through temperature changes so climate change is not something we should be worrying about as a nation. The government wants us to worry about it because it is probably a cover up for something they are doing in the meantime.

  • I think that you can definitely tell that its getting colder fast and warmer fast, so if thats climate change than yes. I think that farmers already do enough for not only america but the world. So putting them to work to fix climate change is the last thing i would personally do.

  • I don't really understand the thought process of farming being the main cause of climate change when cities are covered in smog from polution. Putting farmers out of work would be one of the dumbest decisions ever. Without them, the country would starve and the economy would crash. Instead, we should focus on how to make farming and cities more environmentally safe.

  • I think that putting farmers out of work is one of the worst things you could do, farmers provide food for the whole world. Climate change might be a big concern for people but farmers aren't the cause of it and taking them away wouldn't help anyone. The world would run out of food which would cause more problems than climate change. 

    • I agree that it would be a terrible idea to take the farmers out of work. I think that the goverment just tries to blame the farmers because they truely have no idea what the farmers do and how it all works. If they truely knew the importance, they would try to prevent cimate change in other ways.

  • I do not think that putting farmers out of work is the answer to fixing climate change. Farmers provide food for the world and if we put them out of work then everyone will go hungry. I know that climate change is a problem, but putting farmers out of work would just create more problems. 

  • I don't think putting farmers out of work is the right option to help climate change. If we put farmers out of work, the entire world will run out of food. Animals will starve, and humans will too. I understand that climate change is a big concern, but farmers are not the issue.

    • I agree that if you take the farmers out of work, it won't only be the people that are affected, but animals too. They will not get food either, and they will all die. Therefore, no humans will be able to consume meat, because all the animals will be gone.

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