Should Every U.S Citizen be required to vote.



       Only about 60% voted for the election and roughly 139 million Americans cast ballots for the 2016 presidential election. There are 333.81 people who live in the United States and not everyone can vote because they are not of age. I think everyone should vote because they can express their vote and then there would be a more accurate vote. 

      Many people say that if every citizen voted that everyone's voices would be heard so then people would not complain about who would get in for the presidential election or any other type of election. If everyone voted people would be more inspired to pay more attention to campaigns and current events.

      I do think it would be a good thing for everyone U.S citizen to vote but the government would have to force them to vote and then a lot of people would get mad and protest against it and I think it would ruin our country and even tho It would be good to have every U.S. citizen I don’t think it would work but it would be good.




Do you think Every U.S citizen should vote? 


Are you against Every U.S citizen's vote?

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  • I think that everyone should vote because it would be a more accurate representation of who the people want to be in charge of the country. On the other hand, I think it should be your chose to take time out of your day and go vote.

  • I don't think everyone should be forced to vote. I do believe it's important and should be highly encouraged like it is, but not required. Some people don't have a preference and would like to stay neutral. I just think that someone should be able to choose if they want to vote or not.

  • I don't think everyone should have to vote, but I do think it should be pushed a lot. If you want to be able to have a say and complain about what is happening in our government then you should've voted to prevent those things. But if you really don't have a preference then you shouldn't have to vote. If you're just voting a random person and you don't even really care becuase you have to, then you should just not vote because every vote matters and it might but someone into athority that won't make the best decisions. 

  • I think that it is good that people vote but I don't think it should be required for everybody. I think that it should be respected if people don't want to get involved in voting and rather stay away from it and let other people decide and vote for them. 

  • I think that everybody should vote but not be forced.  I think that they came to america to be free and if they want to cast their vote they should but if they really dont care then why should they. For me personally I will vote when Im old enough.

  • I feel like if you don't vote you have no right to complain about what is going on I think that everyone should vote thought so their voice is heard and people know how they feel. you have to represent your state. but if you do not want to vote then I feel like you shouldn't have to.

  • People should have a right to choose to or not vote, it should not be a required thing, enforced by laws or something of the sort. Most of the people who don't vote either do it because they don't like either presidential candidate, don't care who gets elected or are children. From what I have seen, out of those 3 options, children are the only people who complain about the elected president, and children currently cannot vote, but they will be able to, and they will have the choice to.

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