Mr.Bruns is one of few teachers that offers extra credit opportunities to students. Extra credit is a great way for students to increase their grade %. “So if extra credit helps students’ grades, why don’t we have extra credit in every class?” The problem with that question is the fact that many teachers dislike extra credit. Some people believe in extra credit opportunities, while others don’t. So which side of this argument should be supported?


There are many good reasons why Mr.Bruns and other teachers offer extra credit opportunities. For starters, it helps students have better grades and a better chance of passing the class. If you are a student who struggles, you can put in some more time into the class in order to receive extra credit. Mr.Bruns offers note taking, reading History/CWI chapters, ect, in order to receive extra credit. This is a great way to help students in his class. If extra credit opportunities were given out in more classes, it could definitely benefit many students' grades. 


Although extra credit seems too good to be true, there are some cons to it. Many teachers respond to this argument saying that students will focus more time on extra credit, and less time on studying for test and/or doing homework. Students might spend a whole night working on extra credit assignments, and forget about their homework that was assigned, or their test that is coming up. Another argument that is issued is that it is simply not fair to all students. According to marktomforde, “you can't base one student's final grade on homework and exams, and then base another student's final grade on an "extra credit" project. It is simply not fair.”


Mr.Bruns has a cap amount of extra credit that a student can receive every semester. In my opinion, I think this is a great and fair way to give students extra credit opportunities. I believe that every teacher should be required to offer some extra credit opportunities. However, it should be the teacher's choice on how many opportunities he or she is willing to offer. Some students simply just struggle with classes no matter how much they study. So extra credit is a great way to help a student out. Plus, extra credit is a great way of studying for classes too!.


Do you take advantage of extra credit opportunities?


Do you think that extra credit opportunities should be offered to students? If so, should all teachers be required to offer them? 

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    • I agree. Extra credit can really help keeping your grade up so you can participate in your sport activities. 

      • And it would look good on college records (if you deicede to go)

        • I will definetely go to college. And who knows, I might play sports there. So I will need my grades to be as high as possible. Are you going to college? If so, where?

  • I think that extra credit should be something that should be offered in all classes. If people do not have a good grade they should be able to do something extra to raise their grade even if their grade is "a reflection of their understanding". I think it is dumb that some classes don't even allow kids to do extra work in order to raise their grades.

    • I agree with you. Many students struggle with their grades day to day. Sometimes, there are just not enough points in the gradebook to raise the grade. That's why extra credit great!

  • I think that extra credit is something that should be offered to all kids. I also do not see how it is not fair, if all students are offered it then it is not unfair it is just based on who actuall will put in extra work. Also some students are just bad test takers and they need something to help put their grade up. I do take advantage of extra credit even though my grade most of the time doesn't need it I still try to do the extra credit because if I have extra time I see no reason not to do it.

    • I agree. I am not a very good test taker but I know the stuff. That's why extra credit could really help in all classes.

  • I usually take advantage of extra credit more twards the end of the year before semester tests. I think all teachers should offer at least one form of extra credit because of how benificial it is and can help the students.

    • I agree. And usually most students just wait till the end of the year to do all of the extra credit. However, I just to get my extra credit out of the way fast. 

  • Sometimes I take advantage of it when I need to get my grade up in a class that is low. I think extra credit should be offered because it helps the student not fail the class because some teachers don't want the students to fail the class so the student might take advantage of extra credit. 

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