Should ag classes be required in High School?

Should Ag classes be required in high school


I don't think ag classes should be required in high school but should be encouraged because everyone around here is eating the products of what we grow as farmers every day. Some people dont even know where their food that they eat comes from. Ag plays a big role in today’s world without it there would be no food for us to eat. You would not be able to go to your favorite restaurant and order hardly anything without it being tied to agriculture. In some ag classes will teach some science and that will be useful in your future life. Ag classes dont only teach you about these things it can teach you important life skills that you can use in any job in your future.


Some other people think that agriculture classes are pointless. They think that since they are going into a business field when they are older they dont need to have an ag class when they are in high school.


Do you think ag classes should be required in High School?

Are you in any ag classes?

Do you plan of having a job in ag later on in your life?



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    • I agree that agriculture is a huge industry and its involved with everything. People should know where their food comes from. 

  • I don't think that ag classes should be mandated in school. They are not a bad class to take though. I am not in an ag class but they can teach good things. I wouldn't mind having an ag class later on in my life. 


  • I don't think ag classes should be required. Not all people are planning to work on a farm, or doing something in that industry. Having this class required would take away other optional classes. Making this a required thing could lead to many other classes being required. Although this should not be required, I do think that people need to know something about it. 

  • I think that ag classes shouldn't be required but highly encouraged. I think this because there are a lot of skills coming out of those classes and are very beneficial. Personally I am not in an ag class at the time but will be very shortly. I am looking into some ag jobs but I am not sure what I am going to do with my life at the moment.

  • I think tthat Ag classes shouldn't be required because for some people they might not even go into an AG job and they might nto be interested, but i would highly encourage it because it can help in the future and it will help you understand more about Ag and Ag jobs.

  • No, I think that ag should not be required. I think that if ag was required class there will to manny required classes than it needs to be. And not everyone wants to take ag.

  • Yeah im in an AG class. I really enjoy it and want to be in another next year. I dont think an ag class should be required because ag is'nt everyones cup of tea,  but ag stuff is really good to know. I was planning on having an AG job with plants but im really not sure about it anymore. 

  • In my opinion, I believe that agricultural classes should not be required in classes. I think this because having too many required classes can make students not be able to pick certain classes in highschool that will help them later in life because their amount of choosable classes become more limited. Currently, I am not in an agriculture class. Personally, I am not planning on having a job in ag later in my life.

  • I don't think ag classes should be required because some people don't find ag interesting. Some people don't see themselves going or doing anything that includes ag in their future. Personally, I don't see myself doing anything with ag, so why would I waste a period on learning something I don't find interesting? 

  • I do not beleive that any Ag class should be required just for the sake that some EMO kids will not want to be apart of agriculatre. I do plan having a Ag job later on after highschool. Helping faimly is what I'd do.

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