School Dress Codes

Dress codes play a big part in numerous schools in America and around the world. These dress codes make it so students do not wear inappropriate clothing. Many schools enforce stringent dress codes; however, some schools do not. Are these dress codes targeted toward a specific gender? There are several different opinions on dress codes at school. But wouldn't you think if the dress code is pointed toward the whole school, it's not aimed at one specific gender? 


Some people say that school dress codes are very biased towards the female gender. Many sources say over half of the rules in the dress code handbook apply to female clothing. If a girl is being dress coded for distracting the male gender, should that really be her own fault? Various people think that this is the male's fault for getting distracted by the female body. Females should be allowed to dress in what they are comfortable in.


There are also people that believe the dress codes are targeted toward both genders, male and female. Lots of these people think that dress codes are helping assist a more professional learning environment for students and they need to be kept the same. Sources say, “Over 69 percent prohibit items typically associated with males, such as “muscle tees” and “sagging pants”.”


In my opinion, I think that the school dress codes can often be pretty biased toward females. It does seem that many of the rules for dress codes are mainly pointed at females and very few are pointed at males. I would say almost 95 percent of students that get coded are females. 

Do you think dress codes apply to females?

If so, do you think they need to be changed? 

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  • In my opinion, I think school dress codes only apply to females for many reasons. Women can't change their genetics. A male/female cannot blame another female for the way their body is made. Or the other way around I guess, but women should be able to show there stomach. Everyone has a stomach, you even have a stomach right? I guess what i'm trying to say, is that women should be about to wear crop tops (you dont need a jacket), and spaghetti straps ( but with a jacket). 

    • I agree with what you are saying. The dress codes should definitely be more flexible with what we are allowed to wear. Fashion these days are very different from what they used to be, so I think there could be a change in these clothing rules. 

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