Public School Lunch Costs.

In 1946, president Hary Truman signed a law establishing nationwide public school lunches. Public schools have provided free lunches for all students for the past two years. Ever since the pandemic, free school lunches have ended for most schools. Many people argued that you should not be educating children on how they are able to just get free handouts from the government, referring to free meals. As of right now, California, Colorado, and Maine have made a continuing policy to have free public school lunches. 


Why should schools provide free lunches? Having lunch during school is essential, all schools have to provide meals for students. Different studies show that when students get free and reduced lunches they aren't worrying about where their food is coming from. It has also been proven that free or reduced lunches decrease obesity rates and increase the good health of students. Many low-income families can not afford the cost of school lunches all year round. So free and reduced lunches help lessen the burden for not only these families but also all families. 


Negatives effect of free and reduced lunch. One example of a negative effect is that schools that have a high volume of students who take advantage of free lunch are not given as much funding as schools that have fewer kids who use the free and reduced lunch plan. Another negative consequence of free lunch is some parents may feel that they have to use this "plan" even if the lunch their children are served at school is less nutritional and less filling than a lunch brought from home. 


In my opinion, I think that school lunches should be free. Personally, it makes the most sense. I guess it really does not affect us students as much, mainly affects our parents or who pays for the lunch. I feel having free school lunch is one less things for families to worry about, especially lower class. 



-  Do you think all schools should have free lunches? Why or why not?

- Should they at least lower the costs of the lunches right now?

- What people are the non-free lunches going to affect the most?



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  • I think that schools should be able to have free lunches. I think this because some people can't afford to keep a house and put food on the table. If schools can't make food free schools should lower the cost for those that can't afford it. Non-free lunches affect poor and middle-class families.

  • I think that school should have free lunch because there are people that don't have that can't efford it and that make them not get lunch. I think that the cost of lunch should get lower because then more people could get enough food and then everyone would be able to pay attention better.

  • I think that all schools should have free lunch. Many families can't pay for these lunches. And year by year lunch gets more and more expensive due to inflation. Instead, I think that the government should have to pay for everyones lunches or do whatever happened last year. 

    • It seems like what they did last year was a decent idea and wasn't much of a problem. 

  • I think that it is nice to be able to have free lunchs, but how is the school/ government able to make any money off of it. Also, if the school lunchs are free, then everyones taxes are raised. If you bring your own food everyday, then your parents are paying for other people to eat. 

  • I think it would be nice having a free lunch because it's free but I understand why it isn't free because then poeple have to pay taxes for your lunch. I think it would be good to have the cost lower. The not free lunches would affect the poorer people the most. 

    • I agree with you. The cost of lunch definitely does affect the lowers class much more. 

  • I dont think school lunch should be free. Although it would be nice, Our school lunch options would get worse. I think if they let us have open campus and we could leave for lunch it could solve some problems. Lunch Ladies wouldnt have to make as much lunch so we wouldnt use up as much food. People also wouldnt have to be spending that money on school lunch and they could go home and get their own lunch or go out to eat for better food. 

    • An open campus for lunch would be very nice and would definitely solve many problems. 

  • I don't think school lunches should be free for everyone because schools get money to buy food from the school lunch fee. I think they should lower the costs because school lunch sometimes sucks. The people that are going to get affected the most by non-free lunches are people whose parents don't get much money per year.

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