New semester test schedule?

Semester tests are just around the corner and every year in the past we have run the same schedule, and everyone including the teachers are okay with it. Until now someone decided they wanted to make some changes to our schedule, which I'll remind you has gone very well in the past years. Well this someone is proposing to take away some of our privileges including lunch open campus. Does she really expect us to sit in the lunchroom for an hour? I would rather go home and eat something edible rather than sit in the lunchroom for an hour on those uncomfortable chairs eating that awful food.


With this new schedule I also feel it could affect some of the students' test grades considering some of them are taking multiple tests a day therefore they need a proper break to refresh their minds but these shortened passing times will not help out at all with that.


In the end I really think it would be best if we just went back to our old schedule instead of trying to switch things up.

What do you think about the new schedule?

Do you feel like longer passing periods helped with preparing for tests?

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  • I think the new schedule is just dumb because they give us no time to study in between classes and underclassmen aren't able to go off-grounds like they could last year.

  • I think the new schedule is uneseccary because there wasn't a problem with the last one. We need more time to prepare fro out tests and quickly look over everything. For freshman and sophmores we already don't have open campus just let us keep the 4 days out of the whole year we do have.

    • I agree we need way more time between passing periods and we should be aloud to have open campus becuase its just 4 days out of the year.

  • I think that the new schedule is dumber than a box of rock. I think she is screwing our school over. We have 5 min in between classes instead of 30 min. We have an hour and 15 min class and five min break that is so dumb. I think that the study thing is the morning should be cancelled and have 30 min passing. I think that it is a waste of time no one is going to show up or really work we need a bigger break then just study time. And lunch is not even an hour. 

  • I think that the new smester test scheduale is dumb. I don't see why we cant have open campus. I personally think that Mrs. Ring should not be able to come to a new school and change absoulty everything. There are only 5 minutes between each class period compared to last years 30 minutes. It gives students a chance to have a mental break during that time. The 5 minutes gives kids not a lot of time to go to the bathroom, get a mental break, and study for their next class. 

    • I agree I think there should be a certain amount of time until a principal can make changes to our school like that.

  • I think that the new schedules for the semester test are wack and don't make sense. I think this because there are only 5 minutes between each period, which doesn't allow anybody to study between tests. Even though we get out an hour early we should have more time between periods.

  • I think the new schedule is not good last year worked really well for everyone, but the new schedule does not live up to the previous year whatsoever.  last year gave high schoolers freedom and it also gave appropriate punishment for those who abused it it let us "experience the real world" like most adults want us to. 

  • I don't think its very fair about whats happening to the semester test schedule. I was not in highschool last year, I don't know what it was "really" like. I have a study hall in 6th hour and I can't leave. I don't think its very fair. 

  • I agree this new test schedule is bad, its taking away a long standing schedule that has gone on since my brother was in school. Overall i do not agree with this change.

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