New Information on Chinese related Weather Balloons


On February 4th, the United States had received word from a commercial airliner that there was a large white unidentified object at an altitude of 60,000 thousand feet. China later claimed that this was a high altitude balloon veered off course. The balloon was equipped with an antenna capable of listening in on calls made on devices. The balloon was later tracked and shot down off the coast of south carolina.

  New information shows many more adrift objects. On Sunday, U.S. fighter jets shot down an octagonal shaped object that was over Lake Huron, Michigan. On Friday the pentagon tracked another object, which was later shot down over sea ice near Deadhorse, Alaska. Later that day a third cylindrical shaped object was shot down over Canada's Yukon. The debris from the cylindrical object had not yet been found. White House national security spokesperson John Kirby says when discovered the debris “should tell us a lot.” about where the object is from and what it is. 

In conclusion, China and the united states have been having controversial disagreements on what should and should not be allowed over each other countries. The united states has shot down one confirmed chinese weather balloon in the last week. China still denies all claims of military actions. As the search for the debris continues three of the four unidentified objects have not been found, in the upcoming weeks the government will be updating the public more on the matter. 


What do you think China was doing with the balloon?

Do you think it's just America or do you think it's happened to other countries too?


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    • I agree with what you said baout how they should have notified the US before we had to figure it out on our own and than they used a very bad excuse for what they were doing with the balloon.

  • I think China was not using the balloons for weather purposes, I think they were trying to spy and get intel on the United States. I don't really know why they would do this to us and other countries, but I wouldn't put it past them to do it to more countries than just the US.

    • Yes, I agree and I don't see why they would use the excuse that it was just a weather balloon. Also I don't think that they are doing it just to the US but maybe other contrys after they see the way that it affected us.

  • I think China was spying and trying to take or steal some information from the country. I do think that right know it has just happened to America but I do think that if they get what they want they could start doing it to other countries and stealing information from them too. 

    • I see what you mean when you said that they probaly aren't doing it to just the united states and that they will most likely do it to others aswell. I also think that they are getting something from it wether it be information or something else.

  • I used to think that the first balloon was just a weather balloon that had gone off course, but now I think there's more to it. Now that there are more instances of unidentified objects in US airspace there has to be something more going on. I don't know what to think of all that's going on and I don't know if it is, or is going to happen, in other countries.

  • China was obviously trying to spy on America or try to find something on us. I wouldn't be surprised if it happened to other countries but they have always had issues with us so I'm not surprised they sent one of their biggest balloons to America. 

  • I think that china was spying over the United States with your bloons. At first people thought that it was a accident that it was over the United States but if there is more than one that was over the US then I think that it was intectional for them to put it over the United States. 

  • I think they were spying on us and trying to get government information from us they flew over Nebraska which had offet military base, also apprentlly they are buying land in the U.S. I think its just Amercia because they always have a bone to pick with us.

    • I agree, I think that what they were doing was trying to figure out something wether it be information, or anything. I would like to know where the balloon started at and why they didn't notify us that it was in America.

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