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Nebraska’s Coach 


       Nebraska's passing coordinator. He was placed under the interim Huskers head coach after the old head coach Scott Frost was fired. Mickey Joseph recently just got arrested for third degree domestic assault charges. He was arrested Wednesday in Lincoln, Nebraska. The cops were called in for domestic disturbance and when the cops showed up a report stated that there was pushing, choking, punching his wife and pulling her hair. Mickey would also place his hands around the cops throats and pull them down onto his couch at his home. Some of the cops left the scene with bruises on their face. 

Matt Rhule is predicted to be the next head coach at Nebraska. He has coached for Bailor and the Carolina Panthers. 

Mickey Joseph has not been fired yet but he has been placed under administrative leave. 

Do you think Mickey Joseph will get fired?


Do you think Nebraska will do well with their next head coach?

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  • I hope that Matt Rhule will do a good job. I think that he will. I don't think that it is a good think that all of their recruits are leaving though. I think that they are going to fire Mickey Joseph. I don't know how true the the whole story is.  I hope the best for him.

    • I think that they will fire Mickey Joseph also. 

  • I think he will get fired because he should never touch a girl like that. He will be known for that and be in a huge amount of trouble. When we get our new coach we will hopefully do just fine and get better next year and beat Iowa once again next year.

    • I agree with this. I think men should never touch a women like that and he will be known for that and he will get in a big amount of trouble. 

  • I think that Micky Joseph will probably get fired. What he did to his wife was terrible, and I don't think they will want someone like that representing their school. I also don't think they want him to coach their team because he is a bad influence. 

  • I think that Mickey Joseph will get fired. What he did is terrible and being a person with influence on the players he will have any type of punishment. I don't know much about football so I don't know if Nebraska will do good with a different coach.

  • I think that Mickey Joseph will get fired. The things that he did are just terrible and if he gets arrest, he couldn't work anymore anyways.  I don't think that anyone would want him in a popular position because of his image and reputation now. I cannot really assess how the new coach will do because I don't know much about football.

  • I think that he will be fired because who wouldn't fire him after what he has done to his wife if they keep him it would kind of make sense because it's right in the middle of a season but he should 100% be fired after the season is over. 

    • I agree. He should be fired because of what he did to wife. People should know that it is not right and they shouldn't do it. 

  • I think that Mickey will at some point get fired because if they keep him on their team it will look very bad and I don’t think that they want that for their team. If they do end up firing Mickey they would have to look for a new coach. In my opinion, there probably is a lot that is better than one that does something like this.

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