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Nebraska’s Coach 


       Nebraska's passing coordinator. He was placed under the interim Huskers head coach after the old head coach Scott Frost was fired. Mickey Joseph recently just got arrested for third degree domestic assault charges. He was arrested Wednesday in Lincoln, Nebraska. The cops were called in for domestic disturbance and when the cops showed up a report stated that there was pushing, choking, punching his wife and pulling her hair. Mickey would also place his hands around the cops throats and pull them down onto his couch at his home. Some of the cops left the scene with bruises on their face. 

Matt Rhule is predicted to be the next head coach at Nebraska. He has coached for Bailor and the Carolina Panthers. 

Mickey Joseph has not been fired yet but he has been placed under administrative leave. 

Do you think Mickey Joseph will get fired?


Do you think Nebraska will do well with their next head coach?

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  • In my opion Matt Rhule is a great coach and will not fire a his assistant until the next season and see how it all plays out.  Mickey Joseph is a ok coach but could be better and should learn some new plays from Matt and let Matt make some dissions on the team. 

  • Matt Rhule now has the head coaching job. I think that Mickey would have had his old job back as the passing coordinator. But because of this, I think that he will be fired within the next few days. I think Nebraska will wait for further information, then proceed. 

  • I know mickey joseph should be fired.  Domestic violence charges and a screw up is not what you want as a coach or even in a college. Even if the college is desperate having Mickey as a head coach will just decrease interest of that college.

  • LOSER, he lost on the field and off the field he all around sucked, but hey at least he could put his hands around a girl before he could catch a in. He is Fired because he sucks and he is a werido. Nebraska has alrady brough new coaches in.

    • I agree with this. He should be fired because of what he did. 

  • I think and hope he should get fired. Just because he has authority and may be a popular person doesn't give him the right to be abusive to his wife.  He should be arrested and held in jail for a very long time, especially because he hurt the police officers.

    • I think he should also get fired. Putting your hands a women like that is just not a good thing to do at all.  I also agree he should be put in jail longer for assulting police officers along with hurting his wife.

  • No i Do no think that mickety will get fired nebraska is depending on this coach. Nebraska has not been doing good this year. They had no head coach. But, they have a new QB Casey Thomson. He is a good QB I just feel like they need to work on offence and defence a little more and have a better plan. They did beat iowa this year and I think that was a good game. Personally I am an iowa fan and i wanted iowa to beat nebraska beucase if they did iowa would of went to the big 10 west chapionship. They wouldnt of beat michigan but yes I believe nebraska will do good this coming season with there new head coach.

  • I think that Mickey Joseph should and will get fired. If he doesn't get fired I think that Nebraska will get a lot of hate. If it's true that cops left with bruises on their face then there is physical proof that it was domestic violence happening. Someone who is so aggressive to his wife and cops should not be able to work there.

  • I think that MIckey Joseph will get fired. Seeing as he isn't a good person and he has assault charges against him, this could give the team name a bad rep. It'll make the team look bad and the players as well. Change can be both a good and a bad thing so maybe it'll help the team all together. 

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