To begin this topic, we will discuss medication. People do not realize the importance of lowering the cost of medicine. Medicines that are required for you, your families, your friends, and your pets to survive are almost always ungodly expensive. 


An example would be insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is required for people who suffer from diabetes. For those who do not know, diabetes is an organ-specific autoimmune disease that causes the lack of ability of your body to turn food into energy. That causes dangerously low blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, which causes them to need insulin. Hypoglycemia (Low blood sugar) without the proper treatment will eventually lead to death; however, an insulin pump costs $4.5k to $6.5k, and additional supplies for the pump may cost another 1.5k dollars.


This has caused discourse about whether stealing medication is warranted or justified. Especially in recent years, stealing medication (or other things they need, like baby food, diapers, women’s cleanliness products, etc.) has increased because of the ever-growing cost of any products due to inflation.


People who argue against unlawful stealing say that “The price of medication is increasing because people are stealing, and companies are not getting paid for the work they do to get these products manufactured and brought to you. Then this causes the working class to lose money due to it.” But is this the case? People who agree that stealing in this situation is justified argues that “If everyone began paying for these expensive products, then supply and demand would take place and ultimately increase the cost of medication.”


Since the businesses that provide these products make them so expensive, they are worth a lot of money. Tylenol is a company owned by Johnson & Johnson, and Johnson & Johnson is worth $175.124 billion. So, does this company need to increase its products’ worth?



Do you think that people are justified in stealing medicine from companies?


Is stealing justified under any circumstances?


Should companies lower the prices of their products to prevent stealing?

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  • I understand people stealing but I also know that it is wrong to do and I do not think that it is justified in any circumstance. I do think that things that are a need should be cheaper, arguably free. But if needs like medicine are free where does the line get drawn? I need food to so should that be free? Shoudl housing be free or cheaper? What about water and the list goes on.

  • I don't think that stealing is ever justified. If their is something that you need, I think there are organizations out there that can help you if you ask. I do think that many medicines are overpriced and that the government should try to fix this though. 

    • I agree with you, stealing should never be justified. There is many organizations out there to help people before than stealing. I believe that the government could try to helpo people finance important stuff like medicines.

  • I don't think that stealing is ever justified. I think if people need something very important they could ask or go to companies that could help them out. I think there is a lot more theft than most people think and it needs to be stopped. I don't think there is a time or place it is justified.

    • Some companies can help people gain resources they do not have. These organizations, however, depend on taxpayer money that many people do not want to pay. If more people need these resources from these companies, then taxes will go up. How do you believe we should oppose this?

  • I don't think that stealing is ever justified even if you are stealing to get something you need. I think that when it comes to medicine, companies and the government need to make sure they are affordable and available for people who need them. Companies could lower prices but in the end it is their choice. I think that if someone has to steal something it is better for them to reach out and ask for help from someone instead of stealing. 

  • I think there are times when stealing should be overlooked, like when people steal food to eat of steal period products. also when moms steal baby food to feed their kids. all of these things are very expensive and stealing those things should be overlooked to a certain point.

  • I don't feel that stealing is ever justified. Although there are many problems in the medicine field, stealing medicine still isn't justified. Medicines are way overpriced, and I think the government should regulate the pricing of medicine, because it is necessary for many people to survive. 

    • I agree. Something that people need, potentially to survive, should not be at the exorbitant price that it is. The government needs to step in and begin to control or regulate the prices of medication. Medication companies in the U.S. compared to medication companies in prices is abysmal, and sad to see.

  • yes in some scenarios it can be justified to steal potentialy life saving medicine if it is too expensive and they couldent afford at all 

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