Is The Internet Making Us Stuipd?

In my opinion it is the internet making us stupid because there are more people that rely on the internet than books. I think that the Internet has reduced our ability to focus changed how our memory functions promoted skimming text over deep critical reading and changed how we interact with people. There are more people out in the world that rely on the internet then books. I think that people use the internet too much and rely on it. There are books out there that can help you figure out your problem instead of using the internet. The Internet has destroyed our ability to focus on and satisfactorily complete one task at a time. I think that the internet is way easier to complete a task then using a book even though using a book takes more time then using the internet is way easier to look something up. I also think that using the internet is taking over more jobs because there are some jobs that you can work from home and not even go into and work in the office. The internet has provided access to people in a way we have never before experience Information that was once accessed through print materials that were not available to everyone and often out of date. The internet took over so much when coivd was around because at the school people used the internet to do online learning. Out on the internet there are a lot of websites that are not reliable. In my opinion there are too many people that rely on the internet.


Do you think the internet is making us stuipd?

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  • Yes, they want us to be addicted to our phone and look at pointless stuff on social media. They also made apps where you can play games and make you glued to your phone. I will admit that there is some handy tools for us to use on a smartphone.

  • I personally believe that the internet is not making us stupid. I think that some things on the internet are not good, but there are plenty of positives about the Internet. I think that people use the internet for stupid reasons, but some people use the internet for good and for learning.

  • I don't think the internet is making us stupid, there is plenty of things to learn on the internet. However, when the internet is used to do stupid things or watch stupid stuff, it is hard not to become stupid. When people use it as intended they wont become stupid but some don't use it how they are supposed to.

  • In my personal opinion I do not think that the internet is making us stupid. The invention of the internet is one of the greatest and most important inventions in all of humankind. I think that the creation of the internet has greatly improved the knowledge of the average person in the world.

  • The internet is a lot. In general, I think that the invention of the internet was a big success for our world because it makes a lot of things way easier. I don't think that the internet necessarily makes us stupid. However, I think that you could argue that our attention span became shorter, especially due to social media. 

  • The internet is not making people stupider. It might affect a person's attention span because it can be distracting and a lot faster than having to look through a book, but that doesn't mean we're becoming stupid. Actually, people are getting smarter because more people have more access to more information.

  • I don’t necessarily believe the internet has made us stupid. I think it makes people more lazy than stupid. The internet can be a good tool to access information. People who use the internet for research just have to be careful with what sources they use.

  • I don't think that the internet is making us stupid. I think it has definitely made some people lazy, but there are also people that are good at balancing. I feel like the internet has benefited people in so many ways and it makes things more easily accessible. I feel like people can think what they want, but I feel like the internet has done more good than bad. 

  • I don't exactly believe that the internet is making us stupid. I do think that it has made us lazy. People use it in different ways. I can make a positive difference but it can also make a negative one. The internet has become a significant resource and I like to believe that's a good thing.

  • I believe the contrary; I think that the internet has helped make us smarter. Even when you're aimlessly scrolling on your phone, you're still learning about the world and what's going on around you. I understand why you think the internet has hindered our focusing abilities, but it hasn't made us "stupid".

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