Is technology helping or slowing us down in the workforce?

Is technology helping or slowing us down in the workforce?

What do you guys think, is technology helping or slowing us down in the wor? In my opinion I can see it in both ways. For example, I think technology is more efficient in the workforce in today's world. It can also slow us down a bit but it just does the work for them. In this post I will talk about both the pros and cons of technology in the workforce in today’s world. 


What are the pros in having technology in the workforce in today's world? In today's world companies want to have the most technology so they can be most successful. In my dads company we are pretty old school. We keep our books in a journal. My parents are trying to find a spreadsheet that would make it go a lot faster to do billing. For example the bigger companies that have to keep track of more things, will be all electronically. In my opion I feel that the technology in today's world can go either way. Also, technology can be very helpful in factories. The machines nowadays are all run electronically, and it makes the process 100 times faster. The factories can ship stuff out faster and then they make a bigger profit off the sale for how fast they can make it. 


What are the cons in having technology in the workforce in today’s world? In today’s world all of the companies are trying to find ways to improve their business. So, most companies are using technology so the workers don’t have to do as much and the machines are a lot faster. If a company is using technology to make everything speed up, what if the machine shuts down and then stops working. Then you can’t ship supplies out fast enough and then customers get mad and might not ever order or have work done for them again. So, you lose a customer and it could be multiple ones. 

So, what do you think about having technology in today's workforce? In this post there are both the pros and cons of having technology do the work for you. All the companies in today’s world's main focus is to make everything as fast and efficient as possible. Either it is inside in an office or it is in a factory shipping supplies out to customers in need.

Do you think technology is helping or slowing down the workforce?


Can technology improve anymore?

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  • Technology speeds up the workforce, but problems like malfunctioning or producing machines can slow it down. I do believe that the technology will improve so we won't have anymore problems with it.

  • I think it is helping in some ways but it can slow down setting everything up and if you have problems with it but I do think it is helping in ways and keep progessing in technology.

  • I think technology is helping and ruining it. Becasue many companys rely on the technology where other hate it. But it help wiht so much. such as in school we dont have to carry around books anymore and were able to have computers. Or constructions there able to make a 3d model on the computer so I think it helps a lot but some people dont like it because they feel there being replaced with it.  

  • I think that technology is helping the workforce as long as we dont go so far that we take away human jobs. Because with the use of some techonology it increases the efficiency in jobs and helps get jobs done faster. Yes technology is always improving by the day.

  • Objectively speaking, technology in the workforce is incredibly helpful as well as being a big liability. Technology has a tendency to break or do things wrong, so to have a job that completely relies on the existence of technology usually isn't a very great job. Think office workers.

  • In my personal opinion, I believe that technology has greatly benefited the current workplace. Jobs that would take hours in the past now take only a matter of seconds. Jobs that took several people to compete can now be done by one person, and in some cases it could be competed by a computer entirely. While I can understand some of the drawbacks,  I think that the benefits greatly outweigh those. 

    • I agree technology has greatly benefits to the workplace.

  • I think that technology is helpful at times but can cause more issues too. The workforce has improved on the amount of time it takes to make and ship things because of technology and at the rate technology is improve it probably will take less and less time. But there can be manufactors flaws in it that might make the item less valuble or not up to standered.

  • I think it can be good and bad it depends on what job you have but for most, I believe that it would make it better if you need something done you can see what time it gets done or make it start at a certain time. There will always be someone to make it better.

  • I think technology is making work faster and easier but not necessarly as good as if someone did something hands on. I think it helps with many things but also makes us lazy and makes us rely too much on it.

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