Is technology helping or slowing us down in the workforce?

Is technology helping or slowing us down in the workforce?

What do you guys think, is technology helping or slowing us down in the wor? In my opinion I can see it in both ways. For example, I think technology is more efficient in the workforce in today's world. It can also slow us down a bit but it just does the work for them. In this post I will talk about both the pros and cons of technology in the workforce in today’s world. 


What are the pros in having technology in the workforce in today's world? In today's world companies want to have the most technology so they can be most successful. In my dads company we are pretty old school. We keep our books in a journal. My parents are trying to find a spreadsheet that would make it go a lot faster to do billing. For example the bigger companies that have to keep track of more things, will be all electronically. In my opion I feel that the technology in today's world can go either way. Also, technology can be very helpful in factories. The machines nowadays are all run electronically, and it makes the process 100 times faster. The factories can ship stuff out faster and then they make a bigger profit off the sale for how fast they can make it. 


What are the cons in having technology in the workforce in today’s world? In today’s world all of the companies are trying to find ways to improve their business. So, most companies are using technology so the workers don’t have to do as much and the machines are a lot faster. If a company is using technology to make everything speed up, what if the machine shuts down and then stops working. Then you can’t ship supplies out fast enough and then customers get mad and might not ever order or have work done for them again. So, you lose a customer and it could be multiple ones. 

So, what do you think about having technology in today's workforce? In this post there are both the pros and cons of having technology do the work for you. All the companies in today’s world's main focus is to make everything as fast and efficient as possible. Either it is inside in an office or it is in a factory shipping supplies out to customers in need.

Do you think technology is helping or slowing down the workforce?


Can technology improve anymore?

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  • I think that technology is speeding up the workplace a lot. Without technology you would not be able to get your things as quick or efficient. I do however see the other side where technology can take away jobs but overall I dont think that it will happen that much. 

  • I think technology is speeding up our workforce quite a bit. Without technology everything would have to be hand packaged and handmade, which means products would take a lot more time to be produced, which would not work during this time due to our high population, causing more demand. Technology is taking more and more jobs away as the years go on, but it is still helping in some ways. Technology in the future could improve by being more trustworthy and not breaking down as often.

  • I think technology helps our workforce a lot. Having a vehicle or a tractor can cause less labor if you're a farmer. Technology helps people in many ways. From as simple as a smartphone to a big piece of machinery. I think people sometimes take our technology for granted. 

    • I agree that farming is increased by technology

  • I understand both ways when it comes to technology in the workforce. On one hand, technology takes away jobs, can be complicated, and can break down like any equipment, but on the other technology is very helpful and can bring production rates up a lot which is good for a growing population like ours.

  • I think that it's even. Todays world there would be a lot of buisnesses because without tecknology I dont think they would be able to continue. At the same time I do think that it is slowing down the workforce. People would not know what to do if they didnt have it. 

  • I think that technology has had a significant impact on the workforce. There are defiantly pros and cons. Technology makes everything more efficient and helps get things done quicker. But, I believe that technology has taken multiple jobs. I think it has defiantly helped the workforce.

    • I agree that it can be both good and bad.

  • I think techonolgy is helping the workforce because there are some jobs that rely on computers and they also use them for machines they run all electronically. But I also think that the workforce has been taken off alot because now theses day's people don't even have to come to the store and buy the stufff because people can buy it off the internet.

    • Yes I agree, the techonolgy in the workforce can go either way.

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