In the world there are different types of parents that try to control their children in a certain way and there's many ways but today we’re going to talk about the difference between parental supervision and parental control and why they are so important.

The difference between parental supervision and parental control is that parental supervision is to keep children from hurting themselves or others, and  to keep them away from dangerous objects and situations. This is really important because as parents you don't want nothing bad to happen to your child, so it's really important to have parental supervision to keep your child safe.


While the difference between parental control is your parents wanting to control everything you do off and on like. For example, your parents want to control who you should talk to and who you shouldn't talk to, control what type of videos or pictures you  post on social media, and also like wanting to control where you should go or shouldnt  go. So basically for them to really control what type of things you do in life. I feel like parental control is really not necessary as long as they trust their kids and have good communication with them.


Do you think parental supervision is important?

Do you think parental control is important?

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  • I think parental control and supervision is similar but not the same. Parent supervision is parents letting their kids make choices but making sure they are safe, and parental control is when parents are completly controling what their kids do. 

  • I think they are close to the same words and meaning. But parent control is different than supervison. I think parents should have some type of surpervison on their kids but control is to far. I have a couple friends that their parents try to control everything that they do. I think they should have surpervison and not control.

    • I agree on that too because parental control is going overboard and at the end of the day kids are going to end up doing thing that their parents dont allow them but its going to be worse.

  • I believe that parents supervision is more important than parental control. First, you child won't alway do what they are told and they will start to make there own dessions. Second,  the parents has supervision control over there child no matter what they do. 

  • I think supervision is important if you want your child to be a good kid and not do anything to themselves or others. Parental control I think is important to some extent. I do not think parents should be too strict about what their kids can do.

    • yes supervision and super important and also control is very important but parents take things to another level, and crontrolling their kids thats to far 

  • I think that both are important, however, I think there is a slight difference. Supervision is whether you make sure that the child is not being bad. But control is whether you are able to control the child or not and make sure they are good. 

  • Yes, I do think parental supervision is important because little kids need to be supervised a lot. littles can get into a lot of trouble or hurt if unsupervised. I think parental control is good to a point but like high schoolers are almost adults and we need our freedom to make mistakes and experience life. 

    • exacly i gree because theres going to be a point in our life that we are not going to have out parents and we need to figure out thingd on our own 

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