Is owning animals/pets ethical?

When you go into the average American household, you are most likely to see some sort of pet. Most people believe that owning a pet is “normal”. Some even say that their pet is treated better than they are. There is a big debate on whether owning a pet/animal is ethically wrong. PETA has been a huge side in this debate.

Some associations, like PETA, believe that is ethically wrong to own a pet. They claim that animals shouldn’t be used for “human entertainment”. They believe that owning animals manipulates their bodies, behaviors, and emotional responses. According to them, they should be given the right to live in their natural habits and use their natural behavior. PETA is actively trying to stop the use of animals for human consumption and entertainment.

Other associations and people, state that owning pets/animals is perfectly ethical. They say that it allows them to have a loving, safe home and provides them with a happy life. It provides protection for domestic animals that wouldn’t be able to survive in their natural environment. Most domestic animals, like dogs, actively choose to be around humans. The bonds these animals create with humans are a good thing. Pets enjoy the attention, and like a safe and loving environment. 

I personally believe that owning animals and pets is completely ethical if cared for correctly. These domestic animals are already domesticated. There is no way we could put them back into the wild and expect them to survive. These animals have learned to rely on us, just as much as we rely on them. Not only do we provide a lot for these domesticated pets but they provide a lot for us too. Overall, I don’t agree with PETA or any of the associations similar to it.


Do you believe that owning animals/pets is ethical? Why?

What are your opinions on PETA’s side of this debate?

Do you own any animals/pets? And what do they do for you?




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  • I think that owning pets is ethical. Owners give the animals a much better life than what they would've had. I believe without owning pets the population of animals would decrease significantly. I think PETA can be a little dramatic and unrealistic. I have a dog and I couldn't imagine not having any pets. 

    • I agree that PETA can be dramatic and unrealisitc. Their debate on this doesn't make sense.

  • Keeping pets is very ethical to the animal as long as the owner is treating the pet right. PETA is hypocitical orgaization that euthinize many pets that they steal from peoples homes. If people didn't use animals like pigs and cows their quality of life would go down.

  • I think that owning pets is ethical.  We give the animals a better life than what they would have. I think that my dogs are having a great time. They get to go hunting in the fall. I think that they enjoy going hunting.  They also get plenty of food and water. I don't think that PETA's argument is very accurate.

  • I think owning animals is completely ethical. Some animals like pigs are meant to be raised for meat. They only live for about six months. I do not see a problem with owning animals or pets. It is ethical as long as they get food and water and arent abused and hurt during their lives. I think PETA is petty and shouldn't exist.

    • I agree that PETA has a lot of inaccurate data and arguments. A lot of animals are cared for correctly and are given a great life.

  • I think owning pets is ethical. As long as they live in a safe and comfortable environment, I personally don't see anything wrong with it. Especially considering most homes would be better for dogs then a random place in the outside because there isn't necessarily a natural environment for them.

  • I think it's ethical because most pets are treated good and are happy. There is no natural habitat for a dog nowadays. If you see a dog running around everywhere I'm sure you are gonna think where is that dogs home. 

  • I think that owning a pet is ethical because like you said that owning a pet is normal. It is normal to own a pet because what if you need a service animal and you can't get one? Then you have to go through life without the support from the pet. Its also normal to own a pet because what if you wanted to start a small family you have to get either a cat or dog because they're not that hard to take care of.

    • I agree that service animals are a huge part of why animals are so beneficial to humans. We need them just as much as they need us.

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