Is Online Schooling More Effective than In-person?

 Online school started around the late 1900s. The first online school was a class at a college that was broadcasted in 1953. Online classes on the computer started in 1989. Today 1 in every 4 college students is registered in at least one college course. 

Taking online classes gives students time to work at their own pace. Online classes also help people have time to earn a college degree while working full-time and away from campus. People like online classes for the reasons of class flexibility, self-discipline, and money.

People like the class flexibility because they get to choose when to take the course during their day. Self-discipline is also helpful with online classes as students will have more independence and control over their education. Sometimes people don’t have money to pay for traditional dorm rooms, books, gas, laundry, meals, and classes. So while working on classes online they can still have a full-time job. Statistics show that 77% of academic teachers think online education is equal to physical education. 

With traditional school, you have less control over how your schedule looks. If your school doesn't have many extra classes to help with the degree you want to receive, you have to fill your schedule with study halls or other classes. In-person schools can also be a difficult thing for the community, if you go to a school that gets a lot of snow and ice over the winter it can be dangerous. With online school, you have more control over how your schedule looks because there are more options for classes online. With online schools, you can do the work from your room and don’t have to worry about the commute with dangerous conditions.

In my opinion, if Harlan offered online classes I feel I would take them. I think I would have more of a variety of classes to choose from that would help me with the degree I want to receive. Some people learn better with in-person schooling and others would learn better with online classes. People like online classes due to the fact they get to choose their classes and the independence that come with them. Others like in-person classes due to the fact they are listening to what the teacher is teaching. Classes in person can make it harder for distractions to appear. 


If you had a choice to do online school would you take it? And why?

Do you think you would do better with in-person schooling or online? And why?

Do you think all schools should offer online classes?

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  • In my opinion, I would not take an online class if I had the choice. I believe this because, personally, being in a school setting gives more motivation to do the work. If you are doing online classes, it makes it easier to procrastinate. Because of this, I believe that I would do better with in-person schooling, although I think I could do just fine with online classes too. I believe that schools should offer this option because it could be helpful for certain students.

    • I agree with you, it would be beneficial for students if classes we didn't have at an in-person school, the class could be online. 

  • I personally think that online school should be an option. Although I say this, I wouln't  prefer it. I would much rather do  in person school. I think that if everyone did online school many might not do their work, or could possibly have a better chance at cheating. 

    • Some people learn better in traditional school and others don't due to all of the distractions. It just depends on how the students will learn better due to there preferences. 

  • I think that both options should be available for students. Some would prefer online, and some prefer in-person schooling. For some people, school is about being able to socialize with others and for others, it's not. Personally, I think I would do better in online schooling. 

    • I totally agree with you, I would enjoy a mix of both. It all just depends on how the students individually would learn better.

  • I find online school to be a lot worse than in person school. From personal experience online school caused me and lot of other students to be extremely unmotivated with getting work done because of a lot more temptations being present. Also the fact that getting help from a teacher is a lot more readily available when you can actually see and talk to them rather than wait on an email.

    • I can see how during Covid-19 and the online schooling students took could have given you a bad impression of it.

  • I think that if we go onilne a lot of people won't be doing anything. I think that if we did online class that some people will be lazy and not do and they everyone will start doing it so think tha online shool is not a great idea.

    • I can see how some people would become lazy but that is why it would be an option for the students.

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