Is it appropriate to teach religion in schools


Do you think that teachers should be able to talk about their religion in school? There are 78% of schools that have religion in their schools because they think that it is a need. There are schools that don’t teach religion because they don’t see it as much as a priority as other schools. The schools that teach religion say they teach it because it is a part of a public school education because they think that is how people came to the earth.


I think that a religion class could be a class for people who are interested in it or people who need to take that class for credits. I also think that people who don’t want to take the class should not have to take that class because that could be their beliefs. That is what I think about having a religion class at our school.


Do you think that there should be a religion class?

What is your opinion on religion?






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  • I think that they should offer these classes however I think that we should offer religion classes but they should be a choice if you wanted to take them or not. I do not think that they should force these classes.  I think that forcing these classes would cause many problems.

    • I agree I think that their should be a class but it should be the students choice if they want to take it or not so they don't get mad if they are in it. I agree I don't think that they should be required to take it just another class out there for students to take.

  • I don't think it should be a class in school. There are schools for those who take religion very seriously, so if they want to practice it in school, I think they should just go there. If there was a class for it, it would just be church but in school. There are many opportunities for student's to talk about and understand religion elsewhere, I don't think it's needed in school.

  • Students should have an optional religious class on all forms of religion, not just one (like Christianity). One religion should not be prioritized over others in school, that is what churches of that religion are for.  Adding on, the religious class should be completely unbiased towards any religion, and should not favor one while condemning another. Religion is an incredibly interesting topic to delve into in schools, as a person who's very interested in religion, I would personally join a class like that.

  • I think that having an optional religion class is a good idea. I dont think that it should be required because everyone has different belifs but it should be offered to those who want to build their knowledge on their religion. I think that a lot of people would be interested in this.

  • I do think that having an optional religion class would be good. I would want to take a class on my Catholic religion and listen to others talk about it but it would have to be an elective. I think there would be a good amount of people interested in it. 

  • I don't think that teaching religion in schools would be appropriate. Ther are religion classes provided by local churches, so you can widen your religious knowledge during those classes. It has been established by the U.S. government that teaching religion in public schools in not appropriate.

  • I think that there can be a religion class, but like you said not everyone has to take it. But if you give students the option they can have a class that will widen their knowledge on their beliefs. I do think it would be hard because the school would probably have to have multiple classes for each religion.

    • I agree if there was a religon class I think that it should be an elective because then people wont be mad if they get it because they signed up for it. I agree if they sign up for that class it will give them more knowledge on their beliefs.

  • I think that teaching religion at a public school would be very inappropriate. If people wanted to learn more about their religion then they can go to a CCD class or the school could have a religion class as an elective. But they would have to have one for every religion, so I don't think that it would work.

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