Is Artificial Intelligence Good or Bad for Society?

As we all know, artificial intelligence is a very newfound technology in our growing world, while many support and encourage it, others may have different beliefs on what it could do or how it could impact society. There are many reasons to both sides of this newfound technology and what it is capable of. Whilst many are worried are about AI taking over jobs others think that it could do our jobs better than we ever could.


Some of the upsides to using AI- aren't only for production and factory purposes, AI could be used as a command center to complete certain actions quicker and more efficient. Also, AI could be used as a easier and faster way to find information as it can search the internet at light speeds. It also could be used as a program to help and talk to people who are lonely, a great example of AI being used this way is the new snapchat AI chatbot, It was made to help and talk to people as their very own companion. But, AI can be used many other ways to benefit society and its potential is incredible, as we have only scratched the surface of what AI can do.


Although there are many benefits of AI there is some possible downsides such as, it could take away peoples ability of manual labor, and this could be detrimental to society because their are people who value what they do as a job and would not like it to be taken over and done better by a robot. At the same time the AI chatbots could pose a threat to casual interaction, some people could like talking to this AI than other actual people. Another reason is that AI could threat our knowledge at the same time, because while schools teach kids, the AI could just provide answers or do the work for them like the new AI ChatGPT which is doing essays and papers for students and not allowing them to do it on their own and learn the material.


In my opinion I think that the benefits and potential of AI is so great that it would be a shame and a huge mistake to let such an amazing new era in technology go away, I think that AI's potential is to great for it to just be thrown away, it could help fix some world issues extremely fast and do certain things faster and better than humans can, overall I think it would make society a better place and help the world run smoother.




Would you use a AI chatbot?



Do you think AI should be introduced into the workforce?



How would you feel if your job was taken over by a AI? 

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    • I totally agree with your point of using it more apropiatelly.

  • I think that AI can be helpful and can facilitate some hand work. I think that it could be a good idea to introduce it into the workforce because it will facilitate some work but I don't like the idea that it will take a lot of jobs away and end up with more machines than people work. 

    • I agree that we should introduce into the workforce, But I do think it should take over some jobs because AI could do it much faster than people

  • I dont think that Al should be introduced into the workforce. Nobody knows exactly what it is and what information it can get from you. I feel like Al would not take over many jobs becasue most Americans want security with their information. 

    • I personally believe it should be introduced into the workforce because the only way the economy is going to make ahuge jump and a huge advancement is with the use of AI.

    • I have to repectfully disagree, I know that people want security but we can program AI to only have access to so much, and its potential is to much to just throw away for me

  • I think this is bad no one will beable to get jobs and this would suck for humans and no one would ever get jobs although this is growing very fast and we have to think even our kids may not get goof jobs bc ai is taking over this would be awful. 

    • I agree that it would take away jobs and it could impact our children but there are always jobs that a AI simply connot do or cannot do it as well

  • I do think that AI is one of the fastest growing forms of technology in our world. Personally, I can't see myself using an AI chatbox regularly, but I do see how it can be helpful in some circumstances. With the career field I want to go into, I don't have to worry about losing it to an AI yet.

    • I agree, I don't see myself talking to AI regularly, but for people in dakr places it could help them out a lot.

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