Is allowing student to play games at school a good idea

Some say they provide experiential learning for the students that play games. Doing so teaches students relative skills more suited to the era. One such skill is creative problem solving which is the best for the future workplaces , according to the organization for economic co-operation and development. Games where students solve math problems in a fantasy environment, can help students master skills such as critical thinking.


Others may say that playing video games messes with people's sleep schedule or job/school work, then you’d much rather have to take a step back and reschedule your time limits. Some people worry about the health issues that come with playing games too much like damaged eyesight, lack of exercise, violent tendencies, even seizures.

I personally think that allowing kids the freedom to play games is a great idea. I feel like if students are allowed to play games they would be more focused when they are in class.


Do you believe that games should be allowed in school?


Do you think that games should only be limited to home?

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  • I think that kids should be able to play games unless they have bad grades in the class that they are wanting to play games in. I don't think that blocking games and streaming programs helps our the teachers because people will just find other sites that are specifically made for the purpose of being unblocked.

  • I think students should be allowed to play games when they get free time. Study Halls are the main reasons why people play games because there is nothing for them to do, but I can see why teachers don't like when students play games.

  • I think that games should be allowed to students when they have down time, for example, when they have nothing to do in study hall. However, I can see why teachers do not want kids playing games during class because it can keep them from focusing on what they are trying to teach.

  • I think that there is an oppraite time to play games like in study hall but in class, you shouldn't play games when you're in class trying to learn casuse then your grades can go down and it makes teachers mad.


  • I think that kids should be able to play games in school to allow just a little fun in school or in study hall when they are doing nothing. Taking this away would make some kids depressed and wouldn't have the same happiness in school. As long as they are still getting decent grades then it should be allowed.

  • I think kids should be able to play games in school. Becuase many reaserched show that when kids play with stuff or fidget with stuff they focuse more. I also dont think teachers should be able to tell kids to stop especially if it help students to learn. 

  • I think that students playing games during class while the teacahere is teaching is disrespectful especially if you stuggle in that class or classes. But if students are playing games at home, on bus, or even in study hall or class when you have free time, i think we should be bale to and i think there is no reason they should block netflix or all the games.

  • In my personal opinion, I belive that as long as the student does not have any homework that is current not finished,  they should be able to play games in their computer when they have a little bit of down time. Although, I can see how this could easily become an issue if students are just playing games and not doing their work.

  • I think that having the time to do things like play game take up your free time can become an issue if you have time managment issues and don't get things done or be productive in the things you are doing and that your not getting very much out of just playing games if you aren't gonna go and use those skills.

  • I think students should be able to play games in school once all of there homework is done. Some people are more addicted to games then others. Being able to play games would have to be a privledge to the people. I think games could be played anywhere as long as you have all of your other important work done.

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