Is allowing student to play games at school a good idea

Some say they provide experiential learning for the students that play games. Doing so teaches students relative skills more suited to the era. One such skill is creative problem solving which is the best for the future workplaces , according to the organization for economic co-operation and development. Games where students solve math problems in a fantasy environment, can help students master skills such as critical thinking.


Others may say that playing video games messes with people's sleep schedule or job/school work, then you’d much rather have to take a step back and reschedule your time limits. Some people worry about the health issues that come with playing games too much like damaged eyesight, lack of exercise, violent tendencies, even seizures.

I personally think that allowing kids the freedom to play games is a great idea. I feel like if students are allowed to play games they would be more focused when they are in class.


Do you believe that games should be allowed in school?


Do you think that games should only be limited to home?

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  • School already feels like a prison. So there are very few ways for students to actually have fun at school. And playing games is one of them. As long as the student is responsible enough, and can handle it, then everything is fine. 

  • I think playing games is good if you finished the work you have completed then you should be able to play. or playing in study hall or free periods is also a good time. I don't think you should play when you are in the middle of work.

  • I believe that students should be able to play games at school, but only after they finish their work. Sometimes students are done with all their work and they have nothing to do, so I think that playing games is a good way of wasting time.

  • I think that kids should be allowed to play games at school, but only at the appropriate times. If students are failing or have homework to do I dont think that they should be able to play games. But overall it is up to them and how well they want to do in school. 

  • I think that games should be allowed in school. Growing up in elementary school we had iPads and we would play math games and other enrichment school related games and they were very enjoyable and entertaining. 

  • I think students should be able to play games in school but only at the appropriate time. If students don't have any homework and are looking for something else to do during study hall, they should be able to play games to waste time. But if it's during class when they are supposed to be working on something or listening to the lesson, they should not be allowed to play games.

  • I think that games should be allowed during school when kids dont have anything to do these days cause of how many studys halls you can have. I think that once you get off the school internet then you should be able to play games cause some kids dont have accest to games at home.

  • In my opion students shouldn't be able to play games in school. The only way they can is if they have any free time in a class or in a study hall. If you are in a class room to learn then thats what you should be focusing on more than playing a game. Be in class to learn.

  • I think that games should be allowed at school but it can also confict the students classwork from getting done. There are games out there that are for math and engilish and science.

  • I think that games should be allowed at school but could be limited. If students have nothing else to do and are getting the option to have free time, games should be allowed. Students may be behind and playing games but, that is their own fault for being behind and not the teachers. So, if students want to play games I say teachers should be able to allow it and not worry about students being behind. 

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