How long should the passing periods be?

Over the years during Harlan Community High School's time, the passing period lengths have changed multiple times. Being 3, 4 and 5 minutes at different times. During Mr. Brun’s first couple of years at Harlan the passing period was 3 minutes long. The school then had a testing period where they had either 3 minute long passing periods with 2, 15 minute breaks throughout the day. Or they could have 5 minute passing periods with no breaks. The teachers and students voted on the 5 minute passing periods. It then got changed to 4 minutes. And then finally it has been 3 minutes for the past two years.

Some pros of longer passing periods would be people could finally have enough time to go to the bathroom and fill up water bottles. If a student ever needed help on homework, instead of staying after class to talk with a teacher. Which would result in students being tardy to their next class. They could talk to a teacher before class because of the extra minutes. The halls would also be less crowded as students would leave classes at different times. But some pros of shorter passing periods is we get out earlier. During the time when the school had 5 minute passing periods the school day was from 8:15 to 3:30.

Now some cons of both; longer passing periods result in longer days. Students also have more time to mess around and get in trouble with teachers. Some cons for shorter passing periods are students have no time to go to the bathrooms and fill up their water bottles. Also having classes on opposite sides of the school is a struggle. It’s hard to get to the next class in just 3 minutes, and students are counted tardy if they're late.


If you could choose how long the passing periods were, how long would you say(1-10 minutes)?


Would you have longer passing periods but a longer day or a shorter day with shorter passing periods?


Do you agree or disagree with the time the passing periods are currently?





Mr. Bruns

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  • I think that passing periods should be at least 5 minutes. It gives you enough time to get to your next class and maybe using the restroom. I feel like you can also prepare better for your next class and maybe go over your notes from the last day. You also have more time to talk to the teacher and ask questions. 

    • I never though about going over your notes or being prepared for your next class. You can get to class fast and go over notes before a test, or even finish that last problem on your math worksheet that you forgot to do the night before.

  • I think that passing period should be 4 minutes long because its just a little bit longer than out currant passing period. I personally don't want to be in school any longer so i would either make that passing period shorter or keep it the same time. I think that the passing periods could be a minute longer because its hard to go from one side of the school to the other in three minutes with traffic. 

    • I agree with you, passing periods should be 4 minutes long. I believe that this is the perfect amount of time. It isn't too long that we would need to add time onto the end of the day. But doing 10 minute passing periods, that would add a significant amount of time to the end of the day.

  • I feel like with how small our school is and how lenient most teachers are, we are fine with staying at 3 minutes. But, if we were a much larger school, like LC or AL in Council Bluffs, it would be a whole other story. As I said, most teachers will let you fill up your water bottle, use the restroom, and even give their class a few extra minutes at the beginning of class the get your business done. 

    • I think that the school size also plays into it. I agree that bigger schools may have a tougher time with this than Harlan does. And I agree that most teachers are going to be lenient with letting us go to the bathroom and filling up water bottles as long as students don't abuse it.

  • Honestly, I think they should be 5 mintues because some people have classes upatirs then downstaris and its not enough time for people to get there in enough time and they are counted tardy. The math bathroom is also always crowded with girls, plus some of the stalls don't lock or work, meaning we can't use them. Some students even have to talk to other teachers, and I get it we have study hall but other kids have homework to do we have 8 classes 4 of them give us homeowork and so do our other classes.

    • I also think that they should be longer. But to go along with the study halls, I know that I personally don't have a study hall this semester. So if I want to ask questions it has to be before or after class. Which isn't really an options because then I would be tardy to my next class. Or need to get to class early, which would also be hard to do.

  • I think we should have at least five minute passing periods. The three minutes we have now is just not enough time to walk from one class to another, especially if one class is on the other side of the school, and still have enough time to go to the bathroom or talk to a teacher. 

    • I think that 4-5 minutes is a good enough time to fill up water bottles, go to the bathroom, or even go talk to a teacher. I also think that having classes on different sides of the school is also a difficulty when trying to get to class on time with only 3 minutes.

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