How long should lunch be?

Lunch at our school is 30 minutes. During this time students need to get to the cafeteria, stand in the lunch line, eat their food, and put their trays back. So should lunch be shorter or longer? There are pros and cons to both sides. 


The CDC recommends that students should get at least 20 minutes of time to eat their lunches. This does not include the amount of time it takes for students to stand in the lunch line and get their food. However, many times once students are seated they only have 15 minutes or less to finish their lunch. Nutrition experts say that 15 minutes or less is not enough time for kids  to properly eat and digest their food. It is also better for students mental health if they have time to socialize during lunch. 


However, if lunch was longer, the school day might also be longer. This would leave students with less time for after school activities, and can also make students more tired from a longer day of school. If lunch was longer and the school decided to keep the school day the same, then lunch would take away class time. Then the teachers would have to fit their lesson plans into shorter classes, and students would have less time to learn the material and ask questions about it. 


In my opinion, I think they should just keep lunch period at 30 minutes. I feel like I have enough time to eat lunch, and I don’t think it's worth making the school day longer or taking away from class time. 


Do you think lunch should be longer or shorter?


If so, how long do you think lunch should be? 



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  • I think the time we have for lunch now is not bad, I think it is a good amount of time, you have time to eat and have time to talk with your friends, I think we should keep the time we have now it works for us and it will continue to work for us. 

  • I think the time for lunch is a good amount. Everyone at my table has enough time to get their lunch, eat it, and dump their tray. Most days we have extra time to talk as well. I think it would be wiser to make passing periods longer than lunch time. More people would prefer longer passing periods. 

  • I think that the amount of time we have to eat is not too bad. I would rather we not have to add extra time to our long day already. It would definitely be nice if we did have a longer lunch so we can socialize for a longer amount of time, but we don't necessarily need it. Although I think there could be a change in how long it takes students to wait in line to get their lunch. 

    • I agree, if waiting in line took less time then we would have more time at lunch

  • I think that lunch is perfectly long enough as it is. I think this because students have plenty of time to eat while socializing with their friends. If anything the lunch should not be any shorter, but longer. If you don't finish your food in thirty minutes then you should stop socializing until you finish your food.

  • I like how lunch is 30 minutes I think it is a good time and you get some conversions between and if it takes you longer than 30 minutes you should probably be eating less I could see if some people would need it to be longer for like going out to eat but the food is already made so there for you shouldn't need longer then 30 minutes.

  • I think that the time lunch is now is okay, I would rather not add onto the day length. Although it might not be the healthiest, are kids always the healthiest to begin with. I think that 30 minutes is an okay amount of time, if you want to be healthy bring cold lunch. You can start you lunch sooner and your food with be healthier to begin with.

    • I agree, If you don't want school food you could always bring your lunch

  • I think lunch is fine. It gives me enough time to eat my food and talk to friends. I don't think lunch should be any longer.

  • I think that lunch is good as it is. We have enough time to eat and chat. Sometimes the lunch lines are long, but I think everyone gets their food with enough time to eat it and chat with friends.

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