Google form to sign out?

       Recently at HCHS the school faculty has introduced a new method of signing out of class. The students will bring their phones to the spot that the teacher has listed the QR code. Then we have to scan it, but the inconsistency in this method will not make this effective. Only people with an Iphone are able to use this method. So, therefore, this method is not 100% effective. This method makes it extremely easy for students to take their phones to the restroom with them. The whole point of the phone pouches is to make sure students are not on their phones during class as well as taking our phones to the restroom. 


       Before we had the QR code sign out we would use a piece of paper provided by the teacher to prove that the student signed out. As well as, where we are going. That way was safer for the student due to the teacher having physical proof that a student is in the restroom or with another teacher incase of an emergency such as a fire. With the QR code the teacher might not remember if a student left.

      On the new QR code sign out sheets have more questions on them. To be able to sign out with this method you would have to scan the QR code, then wait for it to load. Sometimes the QR code will not load. Once the QR code loads then you have to fill out  your school email, full name, which teacher you are with, where are you going. While you stand there and fill out the form it takes up even more of class time. Which is the opposite of what teachers want. 


      I personally do not think this method will not last for long because of the inconsistency of it. I think the school will finally realize that not every method is going to be suitable for different types of students. The whole point of the sign out QR is to see who uses the restroom at certain times or how frequently. The school is trying to stop the students from vaping in the bathroom but what are they doing to stop this. Teachers can legally say no when a student asks to use the restroom. On the other side of that, many parents will be frustrated with this and contact the school. 

Did you like signing out on the paper better? Why or why not. 


How long do you think this method will last?



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  • I personally think that signing out the paper is better because it is faster, easier and everybody can do it. In my opinion the new method is not going to last long for the reasons that it is so long, not everybody is able to do it with their phones and there has been a lot of complains from students about it.

    • I agree signing out on the paper is a lot faster and everybody is allowed to do it. 

  •  I personally think that this QR code thing is extremely pointless and time consuming for no reason. I have shown up to a class after the bell rang 3 times because I had trouble loading the google form, and eachtime I ended up just filling out the sheet of paper instead, therefore making me late waiting for it to load.

    • I agree this method is so pointless. The school won't do anything about the vapers in the bathroom. 

  • I think that signing out on a piece of paper is just so much easier. With this who QR code thing it just takes such a hassle. You have to fill it out and sometimes that takes a while, longer than signing out on paper would. With just dropping something off, picking something up, or using restroom this takes to long.

    • I agree it is a lot simper to sign out on the paper. 

  • I honestly don't think that people like it, and I don't  like it. I haven't had to sign out on a peice of paper, but I would rather do that, than have to go through all the the long and difficult steps to just use the bathroom, or go pick something up from a different place. 

    • Not a lot of people like this method because it is so time comsuming. 

  • I think that signing out on paper is easier because it doesn't take as much time. Sometimes it takes a while to do it on your phone because of the internet. I dont think this method will last long. 

    • I agree. When the google form does not load it just takes up more of our class time. 

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