Food prices rising

Lately food prices have increased significantly, and it is predicted that they will keep increasing. Their prices are projected to increase 9 to 11.5% of what they were, two of the foods that are predicted to increase are beef and seafood. Beef is predicted to go up 5.5 to 6.5% and seafood is predicted to go up 9 to 10%. It's not just food in your stores that are increasing, it is also fast food restaurants. Many fast food chains are raising prices on their food but they are skimpiering down food proportions and still expect us to pay more. Two notable fast food chains that are doing this are dominos and burger king. Domino’s has increased their mix and max delivery deal from $5.99 to $6.99, Burger King has cut their 10 piece chicken nuggets to 8 pieces. 

Those aren’t the only two fast food restaurants that have increased their prices, chipotle, starbucks, and mcdonalds are also some places that have increased prices. Chipotle has increased 10%, McDonalds increased 6% just in 2021, and Starbucks has increased their prices more than 3 times since october. Inflation is one of the biggest reasons all of this is happening but its not the only reason. Another reason is demand, the demand for fast food has rocketed up because places are reopening after covid and people are leaving their house for food. Covid is also another reason although covid has died down some factories that package or produce foods have not fully recovered and or opened.


What do you think of increasing food prices?

Do you think fast food restaurants should go back to there old prices?,between%2010.5%20and%2011.5%20percent

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  • I think food prices have gone up a little to far. Families with low income rely on basic grocieries like this, how else are they supposed to feed their families? With fast food restaurant prices going up, I personally think it should lower back down, but I do understand. They still need to pay their employees, and even though eating out is fun and nice it still is not a need. 

  • I think that prices for basic food at the grocery stores can't rise too much because this is a basic need which everyone should be able to afford. Fast food restaurants were supposed to be cheap and save you money but that changed as you explained. Eventually, these are still businesses and I think that they can change their prices as they need to since eating out isn't a basic need. 

  • I think it's awful. There is no way that people that are struggling can afford to feed their families. I think that fast-food restaurants should keep their prices the same. I know they have to pay their employees more now but the costumers are mad. 

  • I think food prices have gone up way to far. You can't even get a 5 dollar footlong for 5 dallars anymore. I think if fastfood restaurants go back to there old prices they will not make much money. Sure people might buy more so they make more money but than they will have to buy more us more gas for there grills. 

    • I agree last week me and my brother got two footlongs for 20 dollars and i think thats crazy and they shouldn't be causting 10 dollars each, I understand why they are keeping there price and i think your right people will buy more food but over time they might end up losing money so i get what they are doing.

  • I think that because of COVID, restaurants are still recovering. Inflation was bound to happen, but because of covid, restaurants are trying to make up all the money loss that they have, plus inflation, plus demand, when you add all of those together, it's not a surprise that the prices are that high, along with the companies trying to shrink the number of resources they use. I would love if they went back to the old prices, but I think that realistically, the price will only drop a little bit, and then once inflation rates are back at their standard rates, it will slowly get more expensive. 

  • I think it would be nice in the fast food prices would go back to how they were because it made it alot more afordable for some families who maybe don't eat fast food anymore. I think the price of the food that the companies are buying is also going up which is why the fast food companies had to raise their rates.

    • I agree that it would be nice because some familys who only eat out are now spending double or triple what they used to and it is hard on them especially if they dont have a good homelife or a job that pays them well. I also agree the places they are buying from are also rising so they need to rise aswell.

  • I don't think that fast food places prices should go back down because then the fast food companies would not be able to make enough money. As a result, they would shut down. Although nobody enjoys paying high priced food, it happens for a reason and maybe some time the prices will eventually go down. 

    • I disagree and agree at the same time because i understand that they need to stay in business but i feel like they could definently lower the prices maybe not to the old price but even if they lowered it a little more so people wouldn't be spending 10 dollars on what used to be 7 dollars or less.

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