FedEx driver kidnaps and murders a young girl.

A 31 year old man, Tanner Lynn Horner, kills a young 7 year old girl whose name was Athena, this all occured in Texas. Tanner Lynn Horner is now charged with aggravated kidnapping and capital murder. Tanner claimed he hit Athena with his truck but she was not injured severely in any way. After hitting the girl he took her into his truck and even told her his name. Tanner admitted that he was worried the girl would tell her father so he kidnapped and killed her. He not only admitted to the murder, but even told where to find her. They then found her body southeast of the city, Boyd. (Which was about 11 miles from them.) As you could and would expect, Gandy, Athena's mother, was devastated. She said, "I was supposed to bring Athena back home to Oklahoma after Christmas break. Now instead, Athena will be cremated and she will come home in an urn because I am not anywhere close to being ready to let my baby go."


Overall, what this man did was extremely wrong, and he should have just accepted what he did. I think he should have just gone to the door and admitted what he did. I know and understand that he was panicked, but that still doesn’t defend any part of what he did.

What do you think he should have done?

What charges do you think he should have?

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  • I think that the Fed Ex driver made a terrible decision, and I am not sure what he was thinking. I think that he should be charged a lot because what he did was awful. I think that instead of kidnapping her and killing her, he should've admitted what he did.

  • I think that the Fedex driver should get charged for a lot of stuff because of what he did was not alright.  I think that the driver should of just left the little girl alone because she had no clue what to do. I think that they should get taught on how to defend them selves.

  • I think he made a bad decision, and I think it was dumb. I think he shouldnt have kidnapped and killed her. He was obviously not all there from all the adrenalin.  He shouldve been smart and not killed her, because the charges would have been way less then what they are now.

    • I agree, his charges would have been less severe, he should have just told to parents and admitted to THEM that he did it.

  • I think that he should have just taken her home and let her parents know what happened. He ended up admitting to kidnapping and killing her later so it would have been a lot better if he just took her back to her house. I don't think what he did was right even though he was nervous. 

  • I feel like he should have just taken the girl to the hospital or just taken her home. He was obviously not mentally ok or wasn't in a stable mindset because of adrenalin. Either way, I think he should be punished to the max for what he did. especially if he admitted to what he did. I believe that he should either get the death penalty or spend the rest of his life in jail for killing her.

    • I agree, and the child was already at home (I failed to mention that), so it would have been much easier to just tell the parents. 

  • I think what he did was dumb. If he was going to admit to it anyway, he shouldn't have kidnapped and killed her. She wasn't severly injured so the charges against him would've been a lot less severe than murder charges, and Athena would have been able to return home to her family and live the rest of her life.

  • Unfortunately, due to panic, the driver made the situation a lot worse for himself than it could've been. After he hit the young girl with his truck, checking on her and returning her to her home safely would've been the right thing to do. Also, charges for this murder could have been less drastic if he had thought clearly about what to do. 

    • I agree, his charges wouldn't be as bad if he just told the parents and got her checked out.

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