Fatal spring break shootings

A new curfew at Miami Beach in Florida has been issued after 2 fatal shootings, and chaotic crowding of the beach. There was two seperate shootings one being of friday night and the other at 3:30 AM sunday. These left 2 people dead and many more injured in the crowds. That is why they are issuing a new curfew.

The mayor of the beach stated "We don't ask for spring break in our city. We don't want spring break in our city. It's too rowds, it's too much disorder and it's too difficult to police." The new curfew would be from 11:59 until 6 am to make sure that people aren't out and about in the late hours. Last year there were even more shootings during  spring break in the late hours leading to another curfew being made. It makes it hard to catch the shooters because of how big the groups of people there are.

Some people are trying to cancel spring break at Miami because of these violent attacks. I think that the curfew will probably help out a lot with llimiting the time that people can be out, but it wont solve the problem as a whole. Maybe they should put up machines that people have to walk through in order to get into the beach just to make sure that they are not armed.



Do you think that spring break should still be allowed at Miami Beach?

Will the curfew help out with shootings?

Would adding Machines to check for guns help stop this?


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  • I don't think spring break should be taken away, it's up to the student's own decisions and choices that led them there, it shouldn't be taken from everyone because their were shootings, this is a good time to go see friends and family. I couldn't necessarily say a curfew would help because shootings happen in the middle of the day too.

  • I think they should still allow spring break in Miami. If they try to stop it people will still find a way to go there. Even if they add curfews the college students will still find a way around it. I think that they should have beter security up there to prevent other shootings.

    • I agree with you that they can't stop spring break fully in Miami no matter if they want it or not. And I don't think that they should ban in as a whole because it has been a thing for years and many people count on going there over spring break.

  • Yes I think if they build up there security then it will be safe again for every one in the world and people can still have fun there.  Yes curfew could help with shootings because there wont be as many people out there to get shot. Yes if you had machines to check guns then it would help.

  • I think that they should still have spring break there. I don't think that they could stop people from traveling there. I don't think that having a curfew would do anything because people wouldn't follow it. I think adding machines to check for guns would be the best thing.

  • I think they should still allow spring break in Miami. Shootings like these are pretty rare and I'm sorry to hear that this happend.- I think the curfews won't play that big of a role because people will still want to stay out. I think if they could detect weapons it would play a great role on figuring out what happend.

    • I agree with you that they should keep spring break at the beaches and maybe add more security on detecting weapons. But in the end you can't stop all the shootings and really they are rare, and don't happen very often.

  • I know many people that went down to Miami Becach for their break and they had a blast. The shootings are very rare, just ebcuase of this one shooting you cant take away everybodys fun. I think the machines would work but there would be way to many issues with them.

    • I agree it would be very fun to go to Miami Beach for spring break and I would be glad to go there myself. These shootings are very rare and don't really happen unless you have beef with gangs or people down there.  In the end they are making a curfew for this which will make many people angry.

  • I am not sure how thye would stop people from going there for spring break. I think that it might help with the shootings but it is possiable that it won't help enough to be worth it for the people who get angry about it because even with a curfew it will still most likely happen. I think pretty much the same thing about adding machines.

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