Does Biden care more about his world image than the US

If you have watched the news lately you will see that Ohio is having some problems with the train derailment. The train was carrying more than 115,000 gallons of vinyl chloride, a very dangerous chemical known to cause very rare cancers. Ohioans cried out to the federal government for financial aid to hire workers to help clean up the mess. However, help took 3 long weeks to arrive, although most think help came too late. The soil has been polluted and the air still carries traces of vinyl, concerns rise about where these contaminants could end up. 


Inflation in America has been on the rise ever since Biden was elected and even before. As of now inflation is up to 9.1 percent from last year alone for and overall 21.1% since 2010. President Bideb has tried to deflect this by citing the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 as a way to address the problem. However this act has not yielded any complimenting data just yet. While all this is happening, Biden sends billions of dollars of foreign aid to Ukraine, $40 billion in total. A $40 billion most people think could have been better spent in aiding America. 


Many allied countries still to this day have mixed views on the president with most leaning towards blind approval. However, Biden's approval rating domestically is only 38%. 75% of Americans think the country is on the wrong track, not approving of Biden's policies. Biden wants the world to see him in a more positive light so he donates large amounts of money to foreign countries in hopes of increasing his world view. Saying himself that America will lead the world once again. 


I personally believe that there is some merit to these claims. However, I think that Biden does care about America; he is just not doing the right things for this country. 


What do you guys think about this view on biden.

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  • I think Biden is just clueless. He helps other countries more than he does ours. Biden hasn't helped out about the train derailment that happended in Ohio. Trump paid for a couple of truck loads of goods and resources for that small town. He needs to focus more on our own country then others.

  • I honestly don't think he cares about anyone or anything I think that he acts weird about things I feel like he is very privet and doesn't tell us anything he is honestly not a very good president anyway he does dumb things that put us in dumb situations.

  • I don't think he cares about the United States or anyone in it and he only cares about his self image and what other leaders think of him. I personally think he is the dumbest president we have had and doesn't know anything he is talking about. I also think other people tell him what to do and how to run our country.

  •  I think that Biden does care abount our country, but he would rather have other world leaders like him than the citizens in his own country. I feel like he tries to do more for other countries by sending billions of dollars over there, but when it comes to his own country he doesn't like to spend money.

  • I think that Biden has overall been worse for this country and done more bad than Trump in general. Since inflation is higher for him than most people running this country, I think he is pretty much hurting us for his personal gain. I also think that the train derailing system could be an easier fix if he sent people to the spill earlier instead of risking peoples lives in Ohio.

    • I agree with you, thing were statistically better under trump's presidency. He may not have been the nicest person in the world, but as a business man he ran the country like a business and grew the country.

  • I will admit that Binden cares about our country not as much as people think.  Every chance he gets he takes to make our country better and nicer for in coming people that are ye to be born or yet to move. But yet I do belieive he has more of a selfish look then he should.

  • I agree that Biden does care about the United States and tries to make the country better and improve everyday. I believe that he cares about his self-image because many people around the world see him and has a big repercusion. 

    • I complety agree with you biden does not know what he is doing but he does care. Most countries see him as a joke so he constantly tries to up his world image

  •  In my opion, I believe that the President of the United States of America definitely cares about his country. Everyday he is trying to make our country run smother but isn't doing to hot. If all we do is donate money it isn't gonna make enough money to be able to do the job.

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