Do you think Andrew Tate is Innocent?

                Recently Andrew Tate has been arrested for suspition of human trafficing and rape. I think that this is not true I think the what he calls the Matrix is trying to get him to be quiet on how a man should act. Andrew Tate talks a lot about how a man should better himself and exercise and try to be rich. He believes that “The Matrix” is something that tries to hide reality and keep men from being masculine and strong. Andrew Tate has recently been arrested in Romania for human trafficking charges. I think that this is not true because in some of the videos he has posted on social media he has said women are secret and should be protected and kept safe. I believe that this is false and that the Matrix is trying to get him to be quiet. 

              Andrew Tate’s former girlfriend has posted videos of her saying that he was a good man and treated her like a queen and would never do thoughts things. This girl used to live with Tate and was with him for a good period of time. I think that they believe this because of all the money and show boating that he dose yes sometimes the things that he says are far fetched. But he dose it to get his name out and so that people will listen. Andrew has changed tons of lives got people into the gym and men trying to better themselves and being more masculine. I think that he is an innocent man and that this is a bunch of crap.

             Like I said Andrew has been arrested for Human Trafficing but they let him walk freely in the streets I think if he is truley guilty than why would you let him walk around in the streets of you city. 



Do you think Andrew Tate is guilty 

Do you agree for what he stands for

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    • I agree with you he is innocent. I agree he is trying to teacher young men that are strungling to keep fighting and to never give up. I think that you are right they are trying to premote bad habbits and to be weak rather than be strong. 

  • In my opinion I think that the government is just getting tired of the mindset and way of thinking that he is preaching to teens and other adults. This makes them feel the need to find somehting on him and put him in jail. This has happened in other cases, where people that have ideas or inventinons randomly go missing and die.

    • I agree they just want to put him in jail to shut him up. He speaks facts and tells the truth. He is a realist he tells you what he sees. Yes and the matrix in the past has killed great ideas like the water car so that oil companys can still controll the world.

  • I agree with a lot of the things Andrew Tate stands for. He actually speaks up about things that should be said, but most people are scared to. I think that Andrew Tate is not guilty. He was released from jail very quickly after his arrest without paying bail, this shows that they couldn't find dirt on him.

  • I don't really follow Andrew Tate much, of course I have heard of him but I don't know much about him. What I have seen of him, he seems to know what he wants in life, and he has his ideas and no one is going to change his mind. I'm not sure if he really has his hands in the human trafficing, but I do know a lot of girls get raped, in fact 1/6 girls get raped in there lifetime. I'm not saying that he has raped girls before nor that he hasn't, it just seems like something he might've done. 

  • Yes, he's absolutely guilty. He's admitted to predatory behavior in the past before. His business model was built on finding women who weren't previously in the pornographic industry, dating them, and then convincing them to work for him. This is all from his own admission. This is exactly what he is being arrested for, nearly all of which he has previously admitted to. He has said he moved to Romania because "rape laws are more lenient there." Romania does not have the best laws to protect against rape, so it's very telling if there was enough evidence to arrest him. It's extremely disheartening to see the impact he has had on young men. He's curating a generation of misogynists and extremists.

    • I do not agree with what you are saying 100%. He was a fighter was a 3 time world kick bocking champ. I have never seen or heard about the rape law lenient there in Romania rape laws in Romaina are not not strict. I think that he dose a lot of good for young men trying to get them to be more masculine. When you say misogynist I think that you just don't agree with traditional values that he has. He has said in the past that women should be protected. I do not agree with what you are saying so we can agree to disagree. 

  • I think that Andrew Tate is quilty. People are just trying to get him in jail because people don't like him. If you have listen to him before he is a really nice guy and does really nice things for many people. I do agree for what he stands for because it means stuff to many people.

    • I agree with you I think that he dose stand for good stuff I do not know what you mean by quilty. But yes I think that people are trying to get him in jail to shut him up. People do not like a straight forward say what is on your mind type of guy I think that he stands for men that need help and to be strong. 

      • For the first time I agree with that. Nobody likes a stright forward person because it makes them feel like they have less power or control. But Andrew Tate speaks truth yes he may be wrong about a couple things but thats also his opinion.

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