Do electric vehicles serve a purpose?

             A lot of people have been thinking about getting an electric car. Some people think they are more environtmentally friendly and make a huge impact on pollution. I don't understand the joy in charging your car and having to wait hours on end. The fact that you have to wait for hours is a huge pain. I think that electric cars are a joke and a liberal scam.

             Electric cars may seem to be effective but they truely are not. It creates lots of pollutants manufacturing the batteries. Also, some of the charging stations for electric cars are powered by diesel generators. It is so pointless to get electricity from diesel. It is probably creating more pollutants if anything. Electric vehicles also to not make the torque and power that gas and diesel would. I think that teslas are cheap made and do more harm to the environment than good. I would never ever consider buying anything EV.


Do electric vehicles help the environment?

Would you ever buy an electric vehicle?


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  • I don't know for certain if electric vehicles do help the environment or not. But I do know that tesla's are not poorly made. They are made just as good as normal working gas cars. I would buy an eletric vehicle, not for the purpose of going green, because like you said they might not even be helping the environment. I would buy one because of the cost. Using an electric car, you don't need gas, just electricity. Electricity is a lot cheaper than gas, so price in the main reason for me.

  • I don't tink that electric cars help the environment as significantly as they are advertized. I would not be interested in buying an electric vehicle at all, I think that gas vehicles are just as convenient. I think that it is much easier to fill up on gas instead of charge the car every night or at places when you run out. 

  • I think electric cars do help the environment but they are also useful in other ways. My family does have electric vehicles and they are very useful and efficiant. It's not like you sit there and wait for your car to charge for hours. When we need to stop and charge it takes 20 minutes, at most, for the boost to get home, if needed at all. We go plenty of places with them and we RARELY have to stop and charge. It charges at night and it's ready to go in the morning. Charging them really isn't much of an inconveniance. People also don't neccessarily get electric vehicles for the environmentally friendly aspect, many like them for their power, their special features, and advance in technology.

  •  I believe that electric cars are very inventive and are great for our global warming problem but they are not very efficient in the elements and need a lot of energy. If we just went electric we can’t get the same experience as if we are in gas cars. But I think that hybrids are better cars that take gas and use their own kinetic energy. I personally like it better and my moms hybrid works very well.

  • I think that electric vehicles may help the enviroment but they do not last as long as a normal vehicle. Electric cars are really expensive and I dont think everyone could afford them so its not really doing anything. I would not buy an electric car because they just aren't convienent.

  • I think eletric cars ruin the environment worse and is a liberal scam like you said. I would personally not buy an eletric car and would much rather prefer gas and deisel over eletric. Eletric cars have no power and would not be convinient.

  • In the future when they are more popular, I think that I am going to have an electric car. Maybe in about 5 years, if I have the money, I might purchase a hybrid car which is part gas and part electric car. I wonder if there will be more hybrid cars than electric?

  • I think electric vehicles don't serve a purpose because the electricity they need to drive is made from burning oil. Also, the lithium that is needed to make all the batteries for electric cars is really bad for the environment. I personally wouldn't want an electric vehicle.

  • electric vheicles dont really help the environment because most of the electricity that these cars use is made from power plansw wich arent clean energy so it kinda loops around  th only way they would become compleatly clean is if the car energy came from renewable energy is the only way to make them compleatly clean

  • Generally, electric vehicles do actually help the environment, though with the amount of money it costs to buy/repair/charge, it isn't worth the small amount of help to the environment. If everyone else is choosing to keep a gas-driven car, then why bother?

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