Day Light savings all year around??

Should we keep day light saving all year around. It first came around during WWII while we were trying to save energy. A man a long time ago came up with it because he was seeing that it would be light out around 6 in the morning. 

On march 13th we changed our clocks ahead of time by one hour. We lost one hour of sleep that night. I think that we should not keep it all year around, because it would be dark almost all the time. When in wrestling you don’t see the sun and it is terrible. I think that you should see the sun a little bit it affects you more that you would know.

Last year they had tried to pass it but to many people thought it was not ideal because of the sunlight. I think that it was nice having to change the clock because that means summer is coming and school is about over. It makes the days feel longer and the nights feel shorter. Yes some people think that it should not go back and keep it all year around. But according to Mr. Bruns he dose not think that it will change anytime soon because so many people light to change it and that it makes sense. The U.S Senitor Marco Rubio as of Sunday, reintroduced the Sunlight protection act. This is the law that is trying to get the clock change to end. And Keep day light savings all year around. 




Should we keep daylight savings?

Should we keep changing the clocks?

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  • I think that we should get rid of daylight savings time. It messes everyone up and makes people tired.  I don't think it does anything beneficial for us.  I would rather have sunlight longer in the afternoon rather than in the morning. It makes everyone want to stay up later or be outside longer if the sun is out. 

    • I agree but by having it all year around it would be dark when we get to school and school would be over in the winter. It benefits us by saving engery and collecting more hour wise by adding taking that hour. Yes it makes people tired and is not very fun the next morning. 

  • I dont think daylight savings time does anything, i dont really know the difference ither than people having to change all their clocks, people tired, and lots of people late for work or school becasue they are confused

  • In my opinion daylight savings don't help a lot. I believe we should keep the same time the whole year instead of changing the clocks. Even if I like better when it gets dark out later, changing the time is just confusing people and making them more tired and I don't think there is actually much energy saved.

  • I think we should not have day light savings at all, honestly i think its usless. It gives us less or more time each year, i think we should just keep the time one hour ahead so we have more time and longer nights,  We should stop changing the clocks it makes it harder and fall less fun.

  • I think we should stop changing the clocks because it is doing nothing but making kdsi tired and school and people dont know what time it is. Also people having to change the clocks at work.

  • Daylight savings has been there, and I don't see anything changing anytime soon. I find it funny when people don't realize that it is daylight savings time, and they don't have their clocks changed. Luckily, I don't have to worry about changing any clocks, but it would be nice to never have to do it again.

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