Day Light savings all year around??

Should we keep day light saving all year around. It first came around during WWII while we were trying to save energy. A man a long time ago came up with it because he was seeing that it would be light out around 6 in the morning. 

On march 13th we changed our clocks ahead of time by one hour. We lost one hour of sleep that night. I think that we should not keep it all year around, because it would be dark almost all the time. When in wrestling you don’t see the sun and it is terrible. I think that you should see the sun a little bit it affects you more that you would know.

Last year they had tried to pass it but to many people thought it was not ideal because of the sunlight. I think that it was nice having to change the clock because that means summer is coming and school is about over. It makes the days feel longer and the nights feel shorter. Yes some people think that it should not go back and keep it all year around. But according to Mr. Bruns he dose not think that it will change anytime soon because so many people light to change it and that it makes sense. The U.S Senitor Marco Rubio as of Sunday, reintroduced the Sunlight protection act. This is the law that is trying to get the clock change to end. And Keep day light savings all year around. 




Should we keep daylight savings?

Should we keep changing the clocks?

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  • I think we should keep using it. They have been using it for years now for our workforce. It seems like our government is getting very weak and lazy. It seems like people are just lazy in the morning and don't think this should go in affect. 

  • I don't really see a huge difference with our without daylight savings. But, I think we should stay how it is right now, and not change back. I would rather have more time in the sun later in the day, rather than at like 6 am.  I think the only thing that changes, is that more people are tired because we lost an hour of sleep.

  • Daylight savings time no longer serves its purpose of saving electricity. Daylight savings time was invented so that farmers would have more time out in the fields and with the modern invention of lights (big shocker, I know) I think we can eliminate daylight savings time.

  • I don’t really think that it matters whether or not we change the clocks back and forth year-round. You only have to do it twice a year and it makes a lot of sense to do it because it fits well with the sunrise and sunset in the evenings and in the mornings. Altogether I think that we should keep changing the clocks year-round because it's not as much of a hassle as people make it sound like it is.

  • I think that we should keep changing the clocks. This way, you can have longer summer nights where the sun is still up and in the winter you can see the sun more too. I think that seeing the sun can have a big impact on you. I really enjoy that the sun is up longer now. 

  • I would like the time to stay the same. I prefer it to be lighter at night and stay darker for longer in the morning.  I have noticed that there are a lot of kids that are tired at school this week. We lost an hour of sleep.  I think that we should leave the time the same so our sleep schedules would be the same.

  • I like daylight savings time. I think it's somewhat annoying to have to adjust clocks and lose an hour of sleep, so I think it should be year-round. Then, we wouldn't have to adjust to changing it twice a year. I think it could help with seasonal depression for many people. It's pretty gloomy in the winter when the sun sets at around 5 pm and makes me less productive.

    • Agree with the most part yes I understand that it would be nice to have all year around so that we don't have to adjust the clock and loose an hour of sleep. I don't really know a bunch about seasonal depression but I think that you can get your self out of it and that its not that hard to not be depressed. 

  • I think we should keep daylight savings time but I would not care if it changed. I can see why they want to change it beacuse it can affect some people but I don't think it would make that much of a difference in the long run. 

    • I agree we should have it. I think your right it dose not matter that much if we change it or not its just one hour. But one hour is a long time, people can be affected by it on sunday many people happend to be late to church. 

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