Can Money Buy Happiness?

Some people say happiness is directly correlated to money, others say that you can be happy without money. Some studies have shown that money can buy happiness and other psychologists have shown that money doesn't buy happiness. What do you think?


One side of this argument is that money buys happiness. In an experiment by PNAS, they studied how happy people felt when they had extra money to spend over 3 months. After the 3 months were over, the families recorded higher amounts of happiness. 79% of people believe that if they had more money they would be happier. Money can buy luxury items but also prevent stress in many households. Stress can be caused by bills and payments that are due. Money can bring in items that make us happy and free us from problems that cause stress and fear. Many can agree that money can buy happiness but only to a certain extent.


The other side is that money doesn’t buy happiness and that happiness is earned not bought. Money can buy material items that make us happy but money itself can’t buy the real feeling of happiness. Studies have also shown that people with very little money or no money at all can be truly happy too. Their happiness doesn’t depend on money and expensive items. 


In my opinion, I think that money can buy things to make you happy but I don’t think it can really buy happiness in the end. I don’t think that material items and money can buy and give you the real feeling of happiness. Although there are experiences that people can buy to make them happy. 


Do you think money can buy happiness?


Can you be happy without money? 

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    • I think that money can help decrease stress especially when it comes to bills but you can not have a lot of money and still be happy. 

  • I think that money makes many people happy but it doesn't necessarily buy everybody happiness. Lots of people think that the wealthiest people are the happiest because they have so much money; I personally, do not think that. I think that money definitely can make you happy at times because that's what our lifestyle is based on most of the time in this generation. But, you can go out and do many things without spending or earning money and still be very happy. Money doesn't always solve our problems and makes us our happier selves. 

    • I agree, you can do lots of things without using any money and still be happy. 

  • I think that money can buy happiness. Because you had a lot of money you can buy stuff that makes you happy. And most people believe that money can buy happiness. But truth is that it can't buy love, friends, family, etc. 

  • I belive money can buy you hapiness if you have the moeny to buy what you want and spend it on stuff that makes you happy and not just random stuff if you spend on stuff you injoy doing you will be happy

  • I think money can and can't buy happiness. If you have to much money you can buy enything you wan't which is great, but over time it gets really boring. Not having enough money can be very stressfull because of bills and others things you need to buy to survive in life and not having enough left over to buy something you want. Its better if you can get in a place were you don't have to stress over and enough to get some things you wan't but not everything. 

  • I think that money can buy happiness to a certain extent. I think that money can buy you nice things like vehicles or toys. Those things will help make things better for a certain amount of time but will not neccessarily buy you happiness. I think that many people believe money will buy you happiness.

  •  Most might say money can buy you happiness, but I'm not sure. Yes, you can buy things with money that can make you happy, but you can't buy things like love, family, or friends. All in all it depends solely on what truely brings you joy.

    • I also think that it depends on what brings you joy because money can't buy love or family and friends. 

  • I certainly think it does. It can buy you whatever you want to make you happier. A lot of people say they don't need money or don't care about it. But the truth is that everyone would love to have more. I think I could be happy without money. But the main lesson here is that money doesn't change people, it just brings out who they really are. 

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