Can Money Buy Happiness?

Some people say happiness is directly correlated to money, others say that you can be happy without money. Some studies have shown that money can buy happiness and other psychologists have shown that money doesn't buy happiness. What do you think?


One side of this argument is that money buys happiness. In an experiment by PNAS, they studied how happy people felt when they had extra money to spend over 3 months. After the 3 months were over, the families recorded higher amounts of happiness. 79% of people believe that if they had more money they would be happier. Money can buy luxury items but also prevent stress in many households. Stress can be caused by bills and payments that are due. Money can bring in items that make us happy and free us from problems that cause stress and fear. Many can agree that money can buy happiness but only to a certain extent.


The other side is that money doesn’t buy happiness and that happiness is earned not bought. Money can buy material items that make us happy but money itself can’t buy the real feeling of happiness. Studies have also shown that people with very little money or no money at all can be truly happy too. Their happiness doesn’t depend on money and expensive items. 


In my opinion, I think that money can buy things to make you happy but I don’t think it can really buy happiness in the end. I don’t think that material items and money can buy and give you the real feeling of happiness. Although there are experiences that people can buy to make them happy. 


Do you think money can buy happiness?


Can you be happy without money? 

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  • I think that money makes people happy. I also think that some of the richest people in the world aren't happy and some of the poor people are happy. It depends on their outlook on life. I don't think money is the only thing that can make you happy but I do think that it does make people happy.

    • I also think that some of the richest people aren't happy and some poor people are, I think it depends on your additude about life and how you look at things. 

  • I think money can buy happiness. Although you have to spend the money on the right things to make you happy. You can not be happy without money because you can't do anything without money. After someone buys a nice car or big house they are happy, but over time they will begin to become depressed.

  • I think that money does make people happy, because people can do stuff with money they can get food and water and survive a living life. It dependes on if the person that has no money has family because if you have family you will be happy but if you are by yourself and have no money then they will be sad.

  • I think money can buy you happiness in short terms. At first when you buy something, you are excited and happy about it but after a certain time you are not excited about it no more. I think you can be happy without money but I understand that money brings happiness and most people is happier with money.

    • I agree with you, money can bring happiness and most people are happier with money than without. 

  • The happiness that money can buy can be limited. If you have everything you want and tons of money to buy things, items you have will lose meaning. They will not make you happy anymore. If you surround yourself and base your happiness on material objects, you will become miserable. Generally, the best way to be happy is to surround yourself with things that make you happy. Some could argue that money could buy you those things, but if you specifically base your happiness's worth on how much money you have and the things you buy, your life will crumble. Making good friends and committing yourself to good experiences will make you happy. And always remember to take the good with the bad because if nothing is ever bad, nothing will ever feel good. ahh

  • I think money is like water. It can bring you some levels happiness, but if you start living without it then it starts to sting. I sure do think money brings you happiness, but I think the reason I think that is because I don't have much experience being in large sums of money so I can't really say for certain. I don't really thing you can be happy and experience all that life has to offer without having some form of currency to assist you.

  • In some cases, money could make you happy. If you were able to go to the mall and get whatever you wanted, I'm sure you'd be happy, if you suddenly got a bunch of cash or got a great raise I'm sure that would also make you happy. But in some cases money doesn't make you happy, if you look at some wealthy people you can see that they aren't very happy, they are known for their money and people always bother them about it.

    • I agree, some very wealthy people aren't happy and this proves that money alone can't buy happiness.

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