Can Money Buy Happiness?

Some people say happiness is directly correlated to money, others say that you can be happy without money. Some studies have shown that money can buy happiness and other psychologists have shown that money doesn't buy happiness. What do you think?


One side of this argument is that money buys happiness. In an experiment by PNAS, they studied how happy people felt when they had extra money to spend over 3 months. After the 3 months were over, the families recorded higher amounts of happiness. 79% of people believe that if they had more money they would be happier. Money can buy luxury items but also prevent stress in many households. Stress can be caused by bills and payments that are due. Money can bring in items that make us happy and free us from problems that cause stress and fear. Many can agree that money can buy happiness but only to a certain extent.


The other side is that money doesn’t buy happiness and that happiness is earned not bought. Money can buy material items that make us happy but money itself can’t buy the real feeling of happiness. Studies have also shown that people with very little money or no money at all can be truly happy too. Their happiness doesn’t depend on money and expensive items. 


In my opinion, I think that money can buy things to make you happy but I don’t think it can really buy happiness in the end. I don’t think that material items and money can buy and give you the real feeling of happiness. Although there are experiences that people can buy to make them happy. 


Do you think money can buy happiness?


Can you be happy without money? 

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    • I agree, happiness can't be bought but some objects can make you happy. 

  • I think that money can buy things that make people happy. Having the money doesn't make people happy but spending the money can make them happy. Having extra money though can cause less stress and more luxury which in turn causes more happieness. I also feel that if someone has no money they can still be happy but would be happier with more money and people with money would also most likely be happier with more money.

  • I don't believe that money can buy happiness. You may be happy because of the things that you have obtained. But that mmoney isn't making you happy. Happiness is getting joys from what you get to do. The opportunities that you are given to make your life better for yourself and others.

    • I agree, thinks can make you happy that you have obtained but you get happy from things you do. 

  • I don't think money will make you happy. If you are just a happy person in general, then having money to buy things that you want might make you a little more happy, but I think happiness comes from friends and family and doing what you love. 

    • I agree, having the money to buy things that make you happy could help but I also think happiness comes from the people you love and doing the things you love. 

  • I think that money helps people be happy but not completly. It takes more than just money to be happy. If you have a good attitude, you can be happy even without money. I agree that money can buy you things that can make you happy, but these assets will not make you eternally happy.

  • Everyone says that money can't buy happiness. I'm sure they're right, however, I would sure like to test that out. I think that money makes short-time happiness, not long term. I think people can be happy without money but people would definetely be more happy with money. 

  • I feel like money can definitely buy happiness. There are so many people that struggle with paying the bills, rent, etc. Having more money to use to pay for those things can take away so much stress. I feel like you also have to learn how to find your own happiness, but money can definitely help. 

  • I think that when you have the money you won't be stressed out becasue of bills and you can buy stuff that you want. You can be poor and happy. You can have everything you could ever have and be sad. Objects can make you happy but you still have life.

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