Can Money Buy Happiness?

Some people say happiness is directly correlated to money, others say that you can be happy without money. Some studies have shown that money can buy happiness and other psychologists have shown that money doesn't buy happiness. What do you think?


One side of this argument is that money buys happiness. In an experiment by PNAS, they studied how happy people felt when they had extra money to spend over 3 months. After the 3 months were over, the families recorded higher amounts of happiness. 79% of people believe that if they had more money they would be happier. Money can buy luxury items but also prevent stress in many households. Stress can be caused by bills and payments that are due. Money can bring in items that make us happy and free us from problems that cause stress and fear. Many can agree that money can buy happiness but only to a certain extent.


The other side is that money doesn’t buy happiness and that happiness is earned not bought. Money can buy material items that make us happy but money itself can’t buy the real feeling of happiness. Studies have also shown that people with very little money or no money at all can be truly happy too. Their happiness doesn’t depend on money and expensive items. 


In my opinion, I think that money can buy things to make you happy but I don’t think it can really buy happiness in the end. I don’t think that material items and money can buy and give you the real feeling of happiness. Although there are experiences that people can buy to make them happy. 


Do you think money can buy happiness?


Can you be happy without money? 

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  • I think people can be happy without money. I have seen many people be happy without it. Although I do think money can buy happiness. If someone were to donat 5,000 dollars to a family who needs it that would make the family happy. I think helping others by giving money can also make the person gifting the money happy. Overall I think it can buy happiness. 

    • I agree, I think that people can be happy without it and giving money could bring happiness to someone. 

  • I feel that money can buy happiness to an extent. Lower and even Middle class doesn't have a lot of money, so if they were to get a raise it would make them extremely happy, causing, well happiness. But once you get to the Higher classes, it doesn't bother them as much. If you tell Jeff Bezoes, "You just got 100k off of Amazon" He would just shrug his shoulders and go on with his day. But if you tell someone in lower or middle class, "You just got 100k" they would be through the roof with happiness. 

    • I think that they would be happy but over a lifetime I don't think that money can buy happiness for your whole life. 

  • I think that money can buy short term happiness, but in the long run, no it can't. Money can buy things that make you happy, but at some point those things will not bring happiness. I think that true happiness comes from yourself. I think that you can be happy without money.

  • money can buy happiness weather we like it or not and you cant really be happy without it its just a fact that the way the us is money is everything wich is how it can buy happiness and why others are willing the sacrafice eveything for money

  • I feel Like money can buy you stuff that makes you happy but it can't buy my happiness. Yes, it will make me happy at that point but that happiness will disappear eventually. money buys stuff, not emotions. 

    • I also think that money can buy items but it can't buy emotions. 

  • Yes I think money can buy happiness but I also think you can be very happy without money. I love to spend money on myself and others, it makes me very happy to buy new things or stuff for someone else. I do think you can be happier with money because if you have money you have things but if you dont you will be on the streets 

    • I agree, I think that people can be happy without money but you will have less to worry about if you have money. 

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