Banning transgenders in sports

Over the past week the Kentucky legislature has passed a ban to prevent  transgender women from competing in women's sports. The lawmakers who voted for this ban were protecting the fairness in athletics and protecting girls sports. Thursday afternoon the bill was passed in a 26-9 vote with only a few democrats and republicans voting against it. This has caused many uproars with the lgbtq civil rights organizations. They say that this policy will put trans children’s mental health even more at risk. 

Kentucky is not the only ones who have passed this policy, 19 other states have. This has not happened in Iowa yet. I think it should because if Iowa or any state lets transgender Women compete in women's sports we will be overtaken. For example, Lea Thompson before she transitioned to a woman was ranked 462 in the men's division. After she transitioned she was 1 for girls. This was a big change for the women because instead of going against other women they now have to compete with a biological man. So now not even a woman can win women's swimming. The trans rights activists say that Lea is taking estrogen and is losing muscle and becoming more like a woman. Although Lea might be taking estrogen it still takes over 3 years to fully lose a little bit of muscle and they cant be working out for the first year. So Lea Thompson is still working out and not losing any muscle from transitioning. Kentucky made this policy based on the fact that they do not want their Women's sports to be taken over by transgender, or biological men. 

In my opinion I think that every state needs to have this policy. Or the states should have individual trangender male and female sports. I think that the more men transition to women and compete in our sports the more women's sports will be taken over by biological males. ITs already happening. For example women of courage award was presented by Jill Biden to democratic legislator Leigh Finke. She was a transgender woman. So not even women can win women of the year.,on%20the%20lookout%20for%20osteoporosis.)


Should transgenders compete in their transitioning sports?

Should transgenders have their own category to compete in and was Kentucky right for passing that policy?

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    • I agree that if they wont get mental health to help them then they should make their own league to play in.

  • I think we should ban all transgenders from sports and they should have their own league if they want to make silly choices. I believe that transgender people are cheating and do not deserve the rights others get. Trangenders competing in sports is like a man just going and playing womans sports.

    • I agree that if they go to the opposite sport it is just like they are cheating.

  • In my opinion trans sports should be banned and not allowed to compete in sports. if a boy switches genders and competes in a girls race and dominates that would not be fair for the girls putting all there effort and skills to get a win. when they try there hardest then get beat by a transgender then there courage is down and won't think its fair either.

    • I agree that if a male changes to a female and compete in our sports they will dominate.

  • I think if you transition you should still compete in the sport of your origenal gender. There are two genders only not feelings. I think that if you do that you need to do your sport that you were origally in because that is bull if you can go dominate in a different gender sport. Its messed up in the first place and not right but that makes it way worse. 

    • I agree that their are only two genders and if you change from a male to a female you should still compete in your biological sex sport.

  • I feel like they shouldn't be banned from sports, but not go against biologically male or female people. You know when there is a dual meet and they have males and females in the same race, but they aren't going against each other? I propose something like this. It would allow transgender athletes to race in the same meet as biological athletes, while also not having an "advantage." They would race against their fellow transgender athlete(s), while the biological athletes would race against the biological. It would be inclusive to transgender athletes, but also not hinder biological athletes. Just because someone is transgender, doesn't mean they don't deserve to play sports. I feel like meeting in the middle is the best way to allow ATHLETES of all sexualities, gender orientations, etc, to play sports while not making other people so mad. 

  • I think that transgenders should be banned from sports. I think this because it is genetically unfair for the regular athletes. I feel that trans people should have their own league as far as sports go. I also think that trans people shouldn't be trans in the first place. I see no purpose in it personally.

    • I agree that if we cant stop them from being transgender then they should at least be in a different catagory.

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