Are People Too Dependent On Computers?

Charles Babbage, the father of computers, invented the first mechanical computer. Later in 1833 he invented a general purpose computer such as the ones today. As computers started to evolve the first ENIAC(Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer). Which was made nearly a century later by John W. Mauchly and J.Presper Eckert.


Since computers have such high capabilities many people today and throughout history have relied on computers. Such as, talk to people from farther differences, meet people from other countries, and receive information much faster. Because computers make life so much easier, they’ve become very addictive. A study has shown that the number of illiterate people have increased due to the use of computers and technology.  Although computers have so many benefits they are making students unable to obtain information because it is now right at their fingertips.


I think that people are too dependent on computers. I think this because of personal experiences of people not knowing basic math problems and easy historical facts. As well as, people being addicted to their phones so badly that they are on them while driving. It is better to be around people in person rather than behind a screen. This is why I think that people are too dependent on computers.,-Since%20the%20evolution&text=One%20of%20the%20earliest%20and,was%20a%20general%2Dpurpose%20computer,having%20negative%20effects%20on%20children

Do you think that you are addicted to computers? Why?


Why do you think people become addicted?

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    • I agree some people are way too addicted and dependent to their computers. I agree that computer games are definetly a leading factor in being addicted to your computer. As well as, all the sites that people can look at make computers addicting.

  • I think that some people are definetly too dependent on computers. Computers can do a lot for you, and I think people should be able to understand what the computer is doing other than just putting something into the computer and hoping that the computer does it for you and it is correct.

  •  I dont think that I am addicted to my computer. I think that because I would rather be on my phone because computers are more "limited" when it comes to social media. I think people may become addicted to their computer because of games, youtube, or many other things.

  • I think some people are addicted to computers because there are many different things you can learn about as well as having many fun games. I think for most people the games on the computer is the addicting part but when you add being able to find imformation on anything you want why wouldn't people get addicted to computers.

    • I agree some people are addicted to computers because of all the sites for information and entertainment. I agree games are addicting to most. As well as, the fact that you can socialize with strangers instead of going outside and meeting people in person.

  • I do think people are addicted to computers. Society in this day in age is very dependent on computers and technology in general. I think it is bad that society is so addicted to technology but also a lot of positives have come out of it. 

    • I agree that people are addicted to computers and that in todays world people are very dependent on technology. I also agree that it is not good that society is so addicted and need to layoff a bit even though there are so many things technology can do for us.

  • I personally don't think that I'm addicted to my computer of phone. I could go a day without these technologies, but yes it is nice to have them. I think people get addicted to their phones and computers because they don't take breaks. What I mean is they don't go a day or two, or even a few hours without checking their phone.

    • I agree it is a convenience to have phones and computers but they are also quite addicting. If people would start taking more breaks more often from their technology I feel they would be less addicted. I think that having a day without a phone or technology would benefit all the people that are addicted to them.

  • I think that people are very dependent on their devices. There are millions of people that can't go a day without checking/using their phones and computers. I do not think that I am addicted, but I do use my phone very often and I keep it on me all the time.

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