Are Animals Running Out Of Places To Live?

Animals and wildlife all over the place have been declining in numbers. For example, in 2001 animal species on average have been declining in population by around 60%! Part of it has to do with human cruelty and some of it has to do with weather and climate change over time. So, what can we do to prevent the changes occuring in the animals life?


Some ways we can help stop the destruction of animal shelters is to: not litter, stop destroying popular animal sanctuarys like the forests and jungles, and destroying land that the animals live on for structures like buildings and houses. Most of the ways animals are running out of places to live has to do with human cruelty. For example, the city Manaus is eating into the Amazon Rainforest. In 2015 the settlement known as Monte Horebe started clearing the Amazon Rainforest with chainsaws and fire for the use of land. 


Another reason wildlife is running out of places to call home is simply because of the climate changing around them. For example, Moose have been forced to go farther North into Canada because of less snow and warmer temperatures can lead to more winter ticks. Thousands of parasites can feed on a single moose at once to feed of the host (the moose) and weaken its organs, causing organ failure, leading to certain death. 




Do you think that humans or climate is the reason animals are being forced out of their home?

Are you seeing these changes in your life?

Do you think the government or the companies building into their shelters should be stopped?


Animals are Running Out of Places to Live

9 Animals Affected by Climate Change

Amazon Rainforest being Eaten by Humans 

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  • In my opinion i think climate is one of the reasons animals are being forced out of their home although things  should not be like that because animals are used to their enviroment and for them to be forced out of that its not fair for those poor animals. the goverment should defenetly do something to stop that because animals should stay in their havitad not matter what.

  • The reason animals are losing their homes is because humans are growing and are needing more and more space for our specias. We are pushing animals out of their habit forcing them into human areas, that can be dangours.

  • I think that both humans and climate are the reason animals are forced out of their homes. I am not seeing these changes that much, but I do know it is happening in other countries that have jungles, deserts, etc. I think that it should be stopped because soon there won't be any homes for these animals. 

  • I think that there could be more than just one reason why animals are no longer in the same homes, and climate and humans could be a large part of it. But there most likely is other things that contribute it, something like their food source leaving. I have not seen any of this. Finally I think that the forests being cut or burned down is not a good thing for more than just one reason and yes I feel it should at least be reduced.

  • I think both. Humans are causing climate change which forces the animals to be kicked out of their homes. I personally am not seeing these changes, but that doesn't mean it isn't happening. Or maybe I can see them but I'm not fully understanding what's in front of me. Yes, they should most definitely be stopped. I don't even know why they're allowed to do that.

  • I think that humans are the reason why animals are getting forced out of their homes. The reason why is because people don't want to take the time to take care of their pets. They also don't want to feed them, make sure that they are doing good. People are also cuttung down trees and killing wild animals.

  • I think that both humans and climate change is the reason animals are being forced out of their homes. If humans continue taking up more and more space, the animals will run out of places to live. I think that humans also definitely have an impact on climate change which leads to a changed environment where animals used to live in. 

  • I think that humans have something to do with animals being forced out of their home. Climate change is a main reason of animals to be forced out their home and humans are increasing and mostly causing climate change. I think that companies building into their shelter should stop and the government should do something about it.

  • I think that our animals are losing their homes. Most of it is because of us humans being selfish and taking the ecosystem for ourselves. Animals are being forced out of their homes everyday. They are especially losing their homes in the forests and the ocean. I think the government should stop destroying our planet and our speical animals for shelters that we could put anywhere else.

  • I think climate is because the earth is heating up every single year very slowly, to us but actually at a fast pace. I feel no changes becuase I think in Iowa wheres its cold winters and hot summers so I havent experienced yet.

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