Weeks of April 24- May 12

Week of May 8-12


  • Watched girl rising documentary


  • Brown and Plessy case

  • Congress overrode President Andrew Johnson veto of bill with a nearly unanimous vote from the Republicans

  • Act declares people born in the US are officially citizens, regardless of their race and color

  • First US law involving civil rights  

  • Civil rights act of 1964: the act outlaws discrimination for any reason based on color, national origin, sex, race, and religion

  • Homeschooling is rising in african american kids


  • No school


  • Watched girl rising


Racism in schools

  • More punishment for people with color

  • Annual suspension stats 5% White, 16% Black

Movie Statistics

  • Majority white actors

  • 10.8% speaking characters are black

  • 4.2% hispanic

  • 5% asian

  • 3.6% mixed races

  • Top 100 movies of 2012: 24% people of color &6% caucasians

Why are people racist?

  • Racist opinions from family

  • Constant loop of stereotypes: criminals, unintelligent, special needs

  • Some put frustrations out on others  

  • “Take our jobs”

Week of May 1-5


Suicide Signs

  • Mood changes

  • Anger

  • Talk of self harm

  • Withdrawing from activities and people

Iowa Suicide

  • 400 in 2013

  • 144 per 100,000 people

  • 9th leading cause of death in Iowa

  • One person dies by suicide every 22 hours in the state

  • 2nd leading cause of death 15-34

Lack of healthcare in Sub Saharan africa

  • 2 doctors/11 nursing-midwives- per 10,000

  • Rely on Traditional African Healers- used more than odern cures

  • Zimbabwe- 45,000 “healers”- 1400 medical doctors

  • Doctors leave for- better pay, escape country's problems, need better working conditions


  • 1 in 10 people have HIV/AIDS

  • 68% of all people with HIV live in sub- saharan africa

  • Malaria kills 1 african child every 30 second- leading cause of death children under five

  • Lassa fever- from infected rats- fatal

  • Malnutrition- infectious disease due to lack of food

  • ⅔ of women have no access to health staff after childbirth

  • Average 9 deaths per minutes between maternal and child deaths- 13,000 a day

  • 1,208,000 babies die before they are one month old

  • 3,192,000 die before fifth birthday

  • 880,000 stillbirths every year- baby dies before they are born

  • 25.5 million people in sub-saharan africa


Extreme poverty

  • Under $1.90 a day

  • 3+ billion live under $2.50

  • 1.3 billion under $1.90

  • Asia, India, South America, Mexico- moderate

  • Africa- moderate to extreme


Better Energy Alternatives

  • Energy generated in ways that don’t deplete natural resources or harm the environment

  • Wind-

  • Solar - more sustainable, save money, low maintenance


  • Discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race  

  • Effects- health, lessen trust, study habits, work ethic, and goals for future

  • Race- classification of humans based on ancestry, genetics, and physical traits: white, black, Asian, tec.

  • Ethnicity- a social group that possess a common and distinct culture,language, or religion: Arab, Latino, Hispanic, etc.

  • Nationality- a country which a person belongs to, whether by birth or naturalization:American, Canadian, Mexican, etc.

  • Institutional Racism- a form of racism expressed by social establishments such as banks, courts, of law, school, and other governmental organization

  • Ex. World War II Japanese Americans relocated into internment camps

  • Individualized Racism- a type of racism in which a person practices discrimination based on race preference

  • Ex. Segregation

Week of April 10-14


Week of April 17-21


  • Got into groups for presentation

  • Chose topics


  • Work day for presentation


  • Work day for presentation


  • Work day for presentation


Week of April 24- 28


Issues with driving

  • Drunk driving; operation a motor vehicle while one's blood alcohol content is above the legal limit set by state

  • DUI; driving under the influence

  • 50-75% of convicted drunk drivers drive on suspended license

  • Strong coffee or cold shower doesn’t sober you up

  • 2 in 3 people will be involved in drunk driving crash

  • In 2013 2.87 million people admitted to driving under the influence


  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Must be first offense

  • BAC must not be over legal limit of 0.08%

  • Some states DUI is lesser form of DWI

  • 15 states allow you to operate with a small amount of certain drugs in your system

  • DWI is more harsh than DUI

DUI Stats

  • Around 10 million people will drive under the influence of drugs in their lifetime

  • 1 in 5 of drivers will test positive for having drugs in their system

  • 18-25 years old

  • 16% of crashes involve prescription pills


  • Driving while impaired or intoxicated

  • PUnishable by up to six months in jail

  • Most states require minimum jail time of DWI crimes

  • Open bottles and proper damage can lead to more jail time

  • Dines can range to $500-$2000  

Iowa laws

  • Illegal to drive under the influence- drugs and alcohol

  • Known as OWI in iowa- operating while under the influence

  • If BAC is more than 0.08% or more you will be arrested

  • Under age of 21c  the limit is 0.02%

  • You must submit to blood, breath, or urine test


Texting and Driving

  • Using mobile device while driving

  • 1 in every 4 car accident is due to texting and driving

  • Everyday day 17 teenagers die because of texting and driving

  • Law in iowa- first offense is $30

  • 963,000 teen drivers we in involved in a crash in 2013

  • Teenagers 300% more likely to get in a fatal crash


  • Tooks class quiz over eastern part of the united states

  • Presented by presentation


  • Took test over the U.S. states and capitals


  • Absent

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