Week of May 15th-19th

Monday- gone for hawkeye ten

Tuesday- presentations


German Revolution

  • 1918-1919
  • War was coming to an end
  • Wiemar Republic started
  • WW2 started 
    • Nazi Germany collapsed
    • Beginning of the Cold War
    • United Nations was created
  • Treaty of Rapallo
    • April 16, 1922
    • Germany and Soviet union 
    • Reestablished normal relations between the nations
    • Angered Western Allies
  • Migrants from Middle East
    • millions of immigrants and refuges crossed into Europe 2015
    • Majority cross by sea and some by land
    • Conflicts in Syria because of civil war 
    • Most die because of no food and it is a hard trek and they freeze
  • ISIS

Wednesday- finished our presentation finally 


Ivan the Terrible 1500's

  • Crowned at age 16 
  • Created the Centralized Government in Russia
  • Livonian War
    • Ivan invades Levonia Baltic Coast
    • Lasted 25 years
    • Poland and Sweedland against Russia
  • Peter the Great 1600's 1700's
    • Projects shapes Russia
  • Catherine the Great
    • Took the throne in 1762 
    • Many lovers to supply her
    • Very educated and sharp
    • Expanded Russian territory
    • helped people
    • Military mind
  • 1800's Alexandra the first of Russia
  • Czar Nicholas
    • Took charge of the Russian military
    • In WW1

Thursday- gone for tennis

Friday- semester test

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