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1AbigailJ replied to 6Clara's discussion Living without Money?
"I dont think living in Utopian Society would ever work, there is so many different beliefs and opinions. I would defiantly not be able to live like this because I wouldnt be able to stand not being able to do whatever i wanted, you seem really restr…"
1AbigailJ replied to 8ronald's discussion History In Your Own Backyard
"I think it would be really cool to find something very interesting like this when we live so close. Ive thought about it but really took the thought much further . It would be fun to dig up an area just to see what you would find. "
1AbigailJ replied to 6carter's discussion The US will "take care of North Korea"
"I honestly don't know because I would be making such a big decision. And Yes I am sure Trump is doing everything possible to keep us safe and not going into this with any back up plan or something to fail back on if what we do fails. I think North K…"
Sep 19
1AbigailJ replied to 3Asia's discussion Girl Found Dead in Hotel Freezer
"I don't know what the punish should be for this, if she was intoxicated then one drink couldn't have been. I would feel bad because I could have done something to prevent this from happening. I'm not sure how the hotel with take from this because it…"
Sep 19
1AbigailJ replied to 1Alex's discussion Revolutionary Zero1 Football Helmets May Reduce Brain Injuries
"I think the helmet will help somehow but I don't think its worth the money for high schools just because its just high school sports. The company could maybe give schools a deal if they bought so many but otherwise I don't think its worth it. "
Sep 19
1AbigailJ replied to 8CassieH's discussion Plowed down by a Porsche!
"If I was there I would step up to help people that are hurt and need help . The driver may have been showing off and not being responsible, they may have lost control and threw the wheel the wrong way or something like that. "
Sep 18
1AbigailJ replied to 2Olivia's discussion Police Manhunt for the Bucket Bomber at Parson Green Station in London
"You would have to find something to get under of just anything to protect yourself. If I found out a family member was in this situation, I would get ahold of them and let them know everything is ok. "
Sep 18
1AbigailJ replied to 4Taryn's discussion Iowa Governor chooses Apple over Iowa State University.
"No, College is defiantly more important. College is already very expensive, students shouldn't have to pay even more money just because Apple needs this data center. Companies don't look into where they put centers, if they get the chance to make mo…"
Sep 18
1AbigailJ replied to 5Jayden's discussion Georgia Tech police fatally shoot student after knife confrontation
"I think since he wasn't really listening to them that does what needed to be done, because he wasn't following what they were insisting him to do. I probably woundlt have shot him but if things got bad I would have done otherwise. "
Sep 18
1AbigailJ replied to 6Hannah's discussion News About The Paris Climate Deal
"This would be very difficult to decide, but I do think peoples jobs are important because that how you provide for family and just live life. But reducing gas emissions is also something to worry about. I think it would be hard to be under all the p…"
Sep 18
1AbigailJ replied to 4Reanna's discussion Newborn Survives Two Hurricanes and Earns Nickname ‘Storm’
"1. I would definitely get to somewhere up high and safe, I would not wait around for further warnings and not waste time. 
2. I really don't know what I might bring because there is so many things I would want but I really would have to think about…"
Sep 18
1AbigailJ replied to 4 Reed's discussion Parents criticize high school's new tardy policy requiring students to pay a fine
"I would be because somethings things happen and you cant help not being to school on time or it might be hard for a student that just got to school that my need to go to the locker room with sports bags/gym clothes and then trying to get to an upsta…"
Sep 15
1AbigailJ replied to 6 Keagan's discussion 3,500 year old tomb in Egypt located
"I think It would be super cool as a attraction for people to visit, because you could see how life was back then. It would be huge for them, giving them the opportunity to possibly discover something new and that would be good for not only them but…"
Sep 15
1AbigailJ replied to 8Enya's discussion Newborn Found Left Inside of Gym Bag In Hospital
"I would right away call 911 and get help asap because I would be frantic and not know what to do. The person that left the baby should defiantly be put in jail for life because that baby didn't deserve to be left alone and neglected. "
Sep 13
1AbigailJ replied to 8Spencer's discussion US Navy ships in deadly collisions had dismal training records
"1. I would make sure that my crew was fully trained and capable of anything that could happen. Also not allow them to go out to do anything without proper training. 
2. I would because it would be fun to expierence that and it wasn't their fault it…"
Sep 13
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