6andy replied to 4Nathan's discussion Mexico earthquake: Searches could last weeks
"yes i would stay because i would worry a lot so i dont think i could bring myself to leave. i would stay like the people in California stay i like living her to much the people are too nice."
6andy replied to 6Jordan's discussion Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE; daughter sues NFL, Pats
"as hard as it would be for me to stop playing football i put my personal safety first. i think that it was due to the CTE  in somepart  but that is no excuse to kille anybody. i would be beyond mad if they never told me of the dangers  "
6andy replied to 5Sam's discussion Moon and Jupiter Special Event on 2017 Autumn Equinox
"this is really really cool. its not often that something like this happens. my favorite season is winter because of all the snow and the ice cristals it just makes the whole world seem alien and cool."
6andy replied to 4brenden's discussion Church shooting results in one death and seven wounded.
"i think that he needs to be sent to prison for life what he did was horrible. he hurt and killed people and he needs to be put away. if this happened here i would help the people affected and donate what i could to the church "
6andy replied to 5Jayden's discussion Georgia Tech police fatally shoot student after knife confrontation
"i don't know what i think the cops should have done both sides have a point. they told him to drop it multiple times they also told him to stop advancing multiple times but he never did. but the cops could also have dealt with a knife without shooti…"
6andy replied to 4Reanna's discussion Newborn Survives Two Hurricanes and Earns Nickname ‘Storm’
"i would have done what one of my sisters friends did and go north to Iowa or Kansas rather than stay on the coast. i would take my football jerseys because the game means so much to me and has helped me through tough times in my life. "
6andy replied to 8CassieH's discussion Plowed down by a Porsche!
"i would have stayed and helped if i wasn't hurt. And i also would want to know what the driver was thinking. it can be a number of different ways. a tire could have lost traction for a split second or he could have been showing off. or maybe the eng…"
6andy replied to 8ronald's discussion History In Your Own Backyard
"i would have probably just thought that they were bones from an animal. ya i have but i never really have had the want to find out what might be buried in my back yard. because my father would not like me very much if i destroyed the yard"
6andy replied to 4Tristin's discussion Destiny 2 Apology for 'Nazi-inspired' Kekistan Flag
"if i was the developer i would do everything in my power to find the person who added this and they would lose their job because i'm guess that they knew what they were doing. well personally i'm not a fan of the game but if i was this would make me…"
6andy replied to 4Taryn's discussion Iowa Governor chooses Apple over Iowa State University.
"i think that anything that she can do to make it cheaper she should do because personally i would prefer not to graduate college six figures in debt. i think that apple is only in it for the money."
6andy replied to 3Asia's discussion Girl Found Dead in Hotel Freezer
"she stumbled into the freezer and froze she shouldn't be drinking at 19 in the first place. i would feel responsible because i let her drink and now look at the out come. it probibily wont."
6andy replied to 3Brian's discussion Facebook had a feature that targeted Anti-Semitic users.
"no i wouldnt because it could come back and harm me. i havent really usuly when that stuff come up and where i just click out and move on with it. "
Sep 19
6andy replied to 6Clara's discussion Living without Money?
"i think that they could make a difference and that it could be positive but i'm not sure about being vegan i don't know how much of the world would want to make that change. i don't think that i could live like that. i just don't think that i could…"
Sep 18
6andy replied to 4Jacey 's discussion Conjoined McDonald Twins are seperated
"being the brother of a 2 year old i think that a normal baby is hard enough let alone twins that are joined at the head. i think that it would be really hard with all the doctor visits and stuff like that. i would be realived but i would also be ver…"
Sep 13
6andy replied to 4ThomasP's discussion Distrust arising towards the Red Cross organization?
"i dont think that it is ok for them to be scamming them like this. im not sure that there really is a different place to donate no others have made it known they want to. i would fire whoever did it and 100 percent would go there to the canes"
Sep 11
6andy replied to 5gia's discussion Spanking An Infant Changes Behavior As Teen
"look I under stand why people are doing this but they are going about this whole child abuse thing all wrong. i was spanked by my daycare and my mother and father. and I am better for it. children need to learn some lessons the hard way. now punchin…"
Aug 31
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