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US History Notes link
12 hours ago
1Emma replied to 3Asia's discussion Girl Found Dead in Hotel Freezer
"I think that there is defiantly some foul play involved. It sounds to me like she was murdered. If the freezer was one of those giant rooms, then I guess she could have locked herself in there and died, but being murdered sounds more convincing. I w…"
1Emma replied to 6Clara's discussion Living without Money?
"I don't think living in a perfect world is possible. I think that everyone can change their lifestyle in a positive way, but unfortunately, having everyone do that is never going to happen. I personally wouldn't be able to live like that. I would wa…"
1Emma replied to 4Reanna's discussion Newborn Survives Two Hurricanes and Earns Nickname ‘Storm’
"I would do whatever is necessary for my child. I would try to keep them safe and away from danger, just as the Coane's tried to do. I probably wouldn't be too focused on bringing an item during something like this. I would just want to have my famil…"
1Emma replied to 1Alex's discussion Revolutionary Zero1 Football Helmets May Reduce Brain Injuries
"I think that this new helmet sounds amazing. It would make the game safer and it would also prevent many life threatening injuries to the brain. However, I don't think that high schools will buy these helmets because they are very expensive. There w…"
1Emma replied to 8ronald's discussion History In Your Own Backyard
"I would have freaked out if I would have found the bones. Even if they were animal bones, I would still be a little scared...Strangely enough, I have thought about what could be buried in my backyard  because one time I did find a bone, but I'm pret…"
1Emma replied to 1AshleyS's discussion Hurricane Harvey Affects Gas Prices
"I don't own a vehicle so it hasn't impacted me... My family hasn't really talked a lot about gas prices, but we travel a lot, so it probably is going to be a concern. I don't have my license and I live too close to school to have a permit, so it doe…"
Sep 13
1Emma replied to 4 Reed's discussion Parents criticize high school's new tardy policy requiring students to pay a fine
"I think it would obviously motivate my child to be on time but I don't think that it is realistic. I think there should be a positive way to make kids want to be on time, not just make them pay up every time they miss the bell. The parents probably…"
Sep 13
1Emma replied to 1Lucy's discussion Amended Law Allows Hunters to Kill Previously Protected Wildlife in Great Numbers in Alaska
"I personally believe that this whole thing is ridiculous and it's incredibly sad to see how how greedy people really are.  I think it is wrong for hunters to come and kill these species, especially since they are being purposefully killed on their t…"
Sep 13
1Emma replied to 8Enya's discussion Newborn Found Left Inside of Gym Bag In Hospital
"If I found a baby inside of a bag, I would call 911 immediately and stay with the child (and try to keep them conscious/awake) until help arrived. I would be shocked and scared but I would still do my best to help the child. I think that, unfortunat…"
Sep 13
1Emma replied to 4Jacey 's discussion Conjoined McDonald Twins are seperated
"I think that it would be very hard to see your kids struggle in a way that you don't fully understand. It would be insanely difficult because there is nothing you can do as a parent (except making decisions about procedures) to help them. I would be…"
Sep 13
1Emma replied to 3MorganS's discussion Spinach now being used to save hearts?
"I think that although it sounds crazy, it could defiantly be a breakthrough in medicine. I personally wouldn't want to be in the medical trial, just because of the risks. However, if I was dying, I'd rather have something that could help than nothin…"
Sep 13
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US History Notes link (dates included on actual document)
Sep 5
1Emma replied to 8Abbie's discussion Nurse Arrested for Doing Her Job
"If I were in her situation, I would have done the same thing too. The nurse was doing what she thought was right in that moment, and her decision makes sense. I think the police officers were in the wrong and should have to apologize to Wubble and b…"
Sep 3
1Emma replied to 4Abi's discussion Teens Sleeping in Could Save the USA $9 Billion a Year
"I think that school should start later, not just because it could save money, but because it is hard to concentrate and do your best without the proper amount of sleep. I think that sleeping in would improve academic scores because more sleep means…"
Sep 3
1Emma replied to 8Cassidy k 's discussion Logans Story
"I think that kids should NEVER be left in the car, even if "there is air conditioning on" or because "they will only take a second". I think that that he made a mistake, and the price was his child's life. I think his punishment is knowing that he p…"
Aug 31
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