Individual/Group Semester Test Times-Spring 2017

Below are the individual/group semester test times. Be sure to check to make sure that your name is listed and that the time works for you and your partner(s). If you notice an error or the time scheduled does not work for you, leave a comment or email me.

Remember that you only need to show up during your scheduled time if you are taking the test verbally. DO NOT BE LATE! YOU FAIL THE CLASS IF YOU ARE!

Be sure to have your semester test blog done by the time you take the test. If doing a group blog, be sure to let me know who added what on the blog.

Students taking essay test(Test will be taken during scheduled time for your class):

1st-USH: None

2nd-USH(8:15-9:15 Monday): Braden Fink, AJ Deas, Wyatt Larson, Brian Andersen

5th-WH(12:40-1:40 Friday): 

6th-USH: None

Students taking verbal test:

Friday, May 15:

7:45-8:10: Kendal Preston, Kara Weis, Angelina Marti, Anna Ahrenholtz

8:10-8:35: Dawson McClain, Sam Andersen, Austin Gerovac, Kyle Knudsen

8:35-9:00: AJ Wallaston, Konnor Kite, Ethan Pool, Masen Schmitz




10:15-11:15: CWI Test 


11:45-12:10: Jacob Bruck, Spencer Dozler, Preston Mulligan, Brady Wagner

12:10-12:35: Tara Hansen, Kayla Pauley, Noah Stout, Sean Manning

12:35-1:00: Kara Rueschneberg, Nicole Lange, Fay Porter, Fidel Matinez-Greer

1:00-1:25: Nick Auen, Dillon Frederick, Ethan Klein


1:50-2:15: Lindsey Metzger, Morgan Goetz, Chloe Croghan, Morgan Schaben

2:15-2:40: Marisa Metzner, Emilia Myllymaki, Hayley Hopkins, McKenzie Carl

2:40-3:05: Chase Finken, Ronan Noeth, Storm Stokes, Eli Boldan



Monday, May 22:

7:45-8:10: Andrew Schechinger, Brock Hedstrom, Ethan Leinen, Will Sonderman

8:10-8:35: Hunter Manz, Wyatt Schaben, Derec Weyer, Quizz Renze

8:35-9:00: Grace Kanioka, Jokha Khamis, Abbie Petersen, Alicia Dominguez

9:00-9:25: Douglass Chapman, Hudson Mass, Carter Griffin, Samantha Foster

9:25-9:50: Hadley Waldron, Enya Fleshman, Olivia Petersen, McKenna Boardman

9:50-10:15: Morgan Bendorf, Jackson Parkhurst, Cassidy Herman, Ashley Benedict

10:15-11:15: CWI Test


11:45-12:10: Chloe Hansen, Paydn Reep, Asia Williamson, Alex Defenbaugh

12:10-12:35: Adam Andersen, Andy Burchett, Lucas Carter

12:35-1:00: Tyler Buman, Alex Blum, Tanner Fink, Deren Schmitz









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