In the state of Montana there is a Nation Park the has 37 glaciers remaining as over the other 100 have vanished, Now they saw they will all be gone by the end of the century.  Who is responsible? Humans are because we are causing warmer temperatures due to Global Warming.  This is not the only problem in the world as all glaciers around the world are melting . Glacier National Park had a record visitors last year with 2.95 million people. But with these rising temperatures we are harming many national parks which is a huge revenue for the USA and a lot of jobs. 

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1. Do you feel that these glaciers are melting because of humans and Global Warming? 

2. Do you think in the future we could lose our national parks due to these issues we are not resolving? 

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  • I am unsure what my stance is on global warming it could very well be caused by man but on the other hand it could be a natural process never documented before. I am not entirely sure what you mean when you say issues are you referring global warming because it will only directly effect ice themed national parks so it shouldn't wipe out all the parks. 

  • I think it is partially because of global warming caused by humans, but global warming is a natural event on Earth that is not solely caused by humans. I think it is very possible in the future to lose national parks but it is not due to just humans, a lot of it is natural.

  • 1. i feel that they are melting from global warming 

    2. i feel that there will be alot more rules in the future for visiting the parks

  • 1. I think that could definitely be a part of it. I also think that just over the course of years things do change.

    2. Yes, I do. I think that the park staffs are doing great jobs to keep them in condition but there could be more to do. 

  • Well the humans are causing global warming so its due to both global warming and the humans. Yes I feel like we can reduce the amount of damage that we do on the glaciers.

  • I feel that the glaciers are melting faster because of humans and what we are doing to the earth, with all of our green house gasses. I think that it might be possible for some of these things to go away, but not in the near future.

  • I have mixed feelings over global warming. I feel that the earth is dong this by itself. We've seen research of the earth evolving and it did go through warmer periods like we are experiencing. Now, I do believe that we aren't helping. The amount of trash and gases we produce is not healthy for anyone. I think that there are going to be a lot of changes in my lifetime over something like Global Warming. 

  • It's possible that humans are causing this melt, but if its so than why are they just now melting? I think in the future we may lose glaciers, but not all of our parks

  • yes because we are making global warming by driving a lot, factories, and all the forest fires we have been having dont help very much either. Yes because if it stays hot and  keeps getting hotter sooner or later they are all going to melt and there are not going to be any more glaciers in the world. 

    • While it's true that we are making it worse than it should be, this isn't the reason why global warming is happening. It is mostly natural but it is accelerated a lot by humans.

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