Every couple of years, I like to ask students to fill out a teacher evaluation. Most of what I do in my classes is based on feedback from students over the years. I truly appreciate student's opinions, both positive and negative, and actually use them to make myself a better teacher and my classroom a better place to learn.

Please try to comment on things we do in class such as forum posts/leaders, weekly blogs, groups tests, verbal tests, projects, etc. when answering the questions below. If you would prefer to email me directly instead of commenting here, that is fine as well.

1. What did you enjoy about my class this year? What did I do well as a teacher?

2. What are some suggestions on how I could improve myself as a teacher or my class in general? Please be honest as this is where most of what I currently do has come from.

3. My two biggest goals as a teacher is to be fair and consistent to everyone and show passion in what I do each and every day. Do you feel like I have accomplished those two goals this year? If not, please explain.

4. Do you prefer when I lead class or when it is more student project based? 

Also, if you have time, head on over to Rate My Teacher and rate me there as well. I am currently at a 4.61/5.00 which is great!

Thanks for your comments!!

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  • I did really enjoy your class this year. It is really easy to learn the topics and you have many study options which makes it very easy to study for tests. I also like how passionate you are about history and that you teach all the content in a way that is easy to learn. I really wouldn't change anything about you or your class. I think you did a great job teaching about history. I do feel like you have accomplished those goals. You never discriminated against any student and you treated us all very fairly in everything. I like when it is student project based because I feel like I learn more when I research and learn about things on my own. I think you do a good job about having an even amount of projects that the students do, but also a fair amount of time that you teach us. 

  • This year I enjoyed how you did a lot of activities in order to understand the concepts more clearly. As a teacher you did great, you went through the lessons thoroughly and tried to elaborate on the things that people may find confusing. One thing you could do is have people play a game or something to try and get the concept through better. I feel that you have accomplished your two goals, because you treated all the students the same and you can tell that you love to teach about history. I honestly preferred it when the students lead it more because then the students have more of an opportunity to understand what they are learning about.  

  • 1. I liked how we talked as a class together and that we had small groups so no one felt like they were separated. As a teacher i thought you were fun and enjoyable to be around. You made class a fun environment. 

    2. I would lessen the amount of forum post. I liked doing them but maybe just minimize the amount required. 

    3. I think you accomplished these 2 goals. You did very well as our teacher this year. 

    4. I think either way it worked and i learned a lot. 

  • I really enjoyed how no matter what the subject was I always had a good time listening. You taught really well and basically everything you taught in what I can understand and learn properly. Honestly I don't think you could change anything wrong with you because I had a fun time in the class and their is nothing that I would change. I feel like you have done that and more and no matter what the situation is you treated us fairly and you also were honest with us no matter what the subject was. I prefer when you lead because I usually learn more and get more out of it. 

  • I really enjoyed both my classes I had with you all around. We always had a great time and you knew how to make the class fun. I love how we did the group test because you didn't have to do it all by yourself and if someone got it wrong you still got the opportunity to get the points. I think overall one thing you could work on is interrupting while we are presenting. Other than that I think you do an awesome job. I think that you are very fair to all students and you have so much passion in what you do that it almost doesn't seem like you are working. I do like when you lead the class but I also enjoy doing student projects. I think that doing some of both is a good happy medium. 

    • Interrupting is a problem of mine. Sorry!

  • Yes i really enjoy your teaching and your class and you were always fun and love to teach. The form post i could do with out but everything else is really great. Yes your way achieved you goals  and you were pretty good at them. I like the talks and power points and i learn a lot from them. 

  • Mr. Bruns I think that you were a very good teacher this year because of how you are unbiased. I thought that you were a very good teacher that interacted really well with your students so I don't think you need to improve on anything. You were very fair to everyone in our class. I think that it is best when you lead the class because when you don't we get off topic and stay focused.  

  • I really enjoyed having you as a teacher because of your positiveness. I liked that what we study depends on what is going on around us. Honestly, idrk what you could change. You seem to have a real passion for what you teach and I think that is important. Yes, you always stress trying to be fair. I prefer when you teach, it makes it more fun. 

  • I enjoyed the class overall you were a good teacher the only thing I disliked is how many of the forum posts we had to comment on. but the class was fair and you knew the info and talked with a lot of excitement so the class wasn't boring. I liked it better teacher lead because I pay attention better that way.

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